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Free Madden 25 Pistol Spread Scheme For PS4 and XBOX One

pistol spread scheme

We are so excited about the launch of our next gen ebooks (More Info On Modrewgnu’s Power Run eBook) that we have decided to show off our new format via a few free schemes.  The first scheme is based out of the Pistol Spread Formation.  Please keep in mind these schemes are tested only for Madden 25 on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.

The scheme uses 6 plays from the Pistol Spread formation.  All of them look exactly the same pre-snap.  It incorporates 3 primary plays with 3 additional plays to mix in when your opponent starts to key in on the first 3 plays in the scheme.

Start Viewing The PS4/XBOX One Pistol Spread Scheme Now!

The real beauty of this formation and one of the primary reasons it was selected to do a free Madden 25 scheme with is because it is 100% symmetrical.  So if you want to flip any play, your wide receivers don’t shift around and your quarterback doesn’t signal that he is changing up the play.

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    1. Yes it will work fine really with any team.

  1. Could this scheme be incorporated into the PS3? Or are the 2 consoles way different

    1. It isn’t designed for PS3 so while some of it might work, most of it won’t

  2. I’m looking in the Pistol PB and I don’t see the Stretch play at all. I see every other play that you went over. Is this play not in the Pistol PB?