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Get Your Free Madden 19 Play Call Sheet

We are excited to announce that we are bringing back the Madden School play call sheet! We’ve put together a great free resource that allows you to hold onto a physical play call sheet while playing Madden just like an NFL head coach.

Our aim in creating this is to help the Madden community have more fun and be more competitive while playing Madden 19.

We have one for offense and one for defense. (The actual play call sheets don’t have the watermark on them)

madden 17 play call offense     madden 17 play call defense

Once you download the free Madden School play call sheet you can script the first 20 plays on offense, write in your go to run/pass plays, or a whole bunch of other stuff. Our play call sheet also includes situational calls like 3rd and short, 3rd and medium, and 3rd and long.

We’ve got spots for your two minute drill, inside the red zone, and 2 point conversion plays. We have also included a handy reference for when you should and shouldn’t go for 2.

On defense, we help you prepare for any situation. We have spots for your base defenses, blitzes, max coverage plays, run stoppers and sub packages. One of the coolest things about the defensive side is an area where you can write down in-game adjustments or any notes you have coming into the game.

Maybe your opponent always runs to the left, maybe he calls four verticals every time he needs a first down, maybe you have picked up on some other tendency of his. Write it down so you can refer back to it when the game is on the line.

The play call sheets are available to download and print 100% free by clicking the download button below.  You can print it in color or black and white. It looks great either way.

Note: You will want to print it landscape style, otherwise it will cut off.  Feel free to print it double sided if you have that ability.


Madden School Unlimited members living in the United States can request our complimentary Madden School Coaches package inside of the members area. It features 1 filled in play call sheet with plays from our first 2 ebooks, a blank play call sheet, a dry erase marker (so you can write on your play call sheets), and an eraser.

The Madden School play call sheets for MS Unlimited members are laser printed on white 65 LB card stock, professionally laminated, and shipped right to your door. Just another benefit of being a Madden School Unlimited member!

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