Today we are going over an advanced defensive tip for Madden 19. New Madden School contributor sSickened goes over how he stops popular crossing routes in online games.

I would caution that this play should only be called if you are a more advanced gamer and know exactly what you are doing.

Check it out below.


Playbook: Detroit Lions (And many others)

Formation: Dollar 3-2-6

Play: DB Fire 2


  1. Press coverage
  2. QB Contain
  3. Move the blitzing cornerbacks closer to the defensive ends
  4. Man up the FS on the X/square receiver
  5. Man up the SS on the B/circle receiver
  6. Put the MLB on the left into a deep blue or a QB Spy

Overview: I’d only recommend this play to high level Madden players who understand the right situations to call this play and the risks associated with calling the play. If you don’t know what you are doing with this one, it is best to call a different play.