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Forecasting Popular Madden 19 Rookies’ Speed Ratings

It is a widely accepted fact that speed ratings in Madden are based almost exclusively on a player’s 40 yard dash time at the NFL combine.

We dug up combine results from the last couple of years and compared them with incoming rookies’ speed ratings so that we can estimate, with a very high degree of confidence, incoming rookies’ speed ratings in Madden 19.

EA Sports could completely change their ratings system at any point but a massive overhaul like that hasn’t been done for many years and we don’t expect it any time soon.

There is usually a 1 point +/- variability and certain positions are often slightly adjusted.  For example, we’ve found that EA Sports routinely gives QBs about 2 less speed than a player at a different position running the exact same 40 time.

Here are the expected speed ratings for rookies heading into Madden 19.  Some rookies like Lamar Jackson did not run a 40 yard dash at the NFL combine, so you will have to estimate his speed based on what you think his 40 time is.

You can sort and search in the table below if you are interested in a specific rookie.

Let us know in the comments which rookies you are most excited to use in Madden NFL 19!  Then check out the 3 Madden 19 rookies we are most excited to use.

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  1. Orlando brown 48 speed damn ?

    1. You are a special kind of stupid!

  2. They are very inconsistent with there speed ratings for example TY hilton ran a 4.34 and is 94 speed while Anthony Brown ran a 4.35 and is 95 speed. TY Hilton acceleration is very underrated also as he has 92 and proves in this video by breaking sport science records with his 20 yard time of 2.569 Brandon Cooks is 2.65 and he has a 96 speed rating and he ran 4.33 at combine so why does Hilton only have 94 speed? He has a stride freq of .25 secs while Odell Beckham Jr ran a 4.43 at combine and has a speed rating of 94 and acceleration of 94 while his stride freq is .27 secs Antonio Brown stride freq is .26 secs has acceleration of 94 and speed rating of 92 (4.47 at combine) which would mean everyone on your first page should have 92 speed but I guarantee madden won’t have them like that because they are inconsistent how Cooks can have 96 speed with 4.33 and Hilton 94 speed with 4.34 it doesn’t make sense. Then you have Leonard Fournette speed rating of 91 ran a 4.51, while Dalvin Cook ran a 4.49 and has a speed rating of 90. Like I said they are very inconsistent.
    Then if we look at Linebackers deone bucannon ran a 4.49 and has a speed rating of 89. It seems like no matter what 40 time a Linebacker runs the highest speed they can have is 89 in fear of breaking the game which shouldn’t be the case with a game in todays era it wouldn’t break the game in NBA 2k, or NHL if you maxed speed. So really not sure why speed ratings are so inconsistent its a simple google search and you can quickly find any NFL player who participated in combine 40 yard dash results, I would understand inconsistencies if we talking about players who didn’t run the 40 yard dash at combine.

    This link below explains how speed, jumping, throwing, and strength is rated.

  3. Also you made a mistake on 2nd page you go from 4.5 being 90 to 4.51 being 88 it should be 89 following your pattern but really 90 based on other 40 time ratings in madden. (When talking about WR/RB at least)
    Say you start 4.30 (96) 4.333 (95) 4.367 (94) 4.40 (93) 4.433 (92) 4.467 (91) 4.50(90) 4.533 (89)

    Based on math with how this chart shows here
    If this chart is correct and 4.2 secs is 100 speed and 7.0 secs is 0 speed (7.0-4.2=2.8 secs) (Take 2.8 divide by 100=0.028 secs every rating goes up from 0 by 0.028secs or down from 100 by 0.028secs)
    4.2 (100)
    4.284 (97)
    4.312 (96)
    4.34 (95)
    4.368 (94)
    4.396 (93)
    4.424 (92)
    4.452 (91)
    4.48 (90)
    4.508 (89)
    4.536 (88)
    4.564 (87)
    4.592 (86)
    4.620 (85)

  4. i am ready to see what ronald jones speed is, out of USC. He had to pull up at the combine due to his hamstring and his speed at his pro day was by far not a representation of his speed. He should be around 92-93 speed but we will see.

  5. chubb with an 88 and sony michael with an 87 and number 1 ovr pick barkley with a 92? dont drink the kool aid guys….

  6. Roquan Smith = User God in next years madden! Cant wait!!!

  7. The ratings have already been leaked. LJ has 95 speed from what I recall

    1. Our ratings are estimates but the leaked ratings are false and made up. There is no way Lamar Jackson will have 95 speed.

  8. so you have no difference in speed from a 4.46 to a 4.50 (90 spd for both) but 3 points of difference btw 4.5 and 4.54 (87)…. wtf

  9. LVE should be faster than 84. His best attributes in collage. Were his ability to cover. There are D-line men that are as fast. What a joke.