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Forecasting Popular Madden 19 Rookies’ Speed Ratings

It is a widely accepted fact that speed ratings in Madden are based almost exclusively on a player’s 40 yard dash time at the NFL combine.

We dug up combine results from the last couple of years and compared them with incoming rookies’ speed ratings so that we can estimate, with a very high degree of confidence, incoming rookies’ speed ratings in Madden 19.

EA Sports could completely change their ratings system at any point but a massive overhaul like that hasn’t been done for many years and we don’t expect it any time soon.

There is usually a 1 point +/- variability and certain positions are often slightly adjusted.  For example, we’ve found that EA Sports routinely gives QBs about 2 less speed than a player at a different position running the exact same 40 time.

Here are the expected speed ratings for rookies heading into Madden 19.  Some rookies like Lamar Jackson did not run a 40 yard dash at the NFL combine, so you will have to estimate his speed based on what you think his 40 time is.

You can sort and search in the table below if you are interested in a specific rookie.

Let us know in the comments which rookies you are most excited to use in Madden NFL 19!  Then check out the 3 Madden 19 rookies we are most excited to use.

[table id=78 /]

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Sancho Johnson
Sancho Johnson
5 years ago

What happened to DJ Chark??