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Explaining The Clutch Rating in Madden NFL 13 CC Mode

There are so many upgrades you can buy in a connected career mode in Madden 13.  How are you supposed to know exactly what each rating does and what you should spend your hard earned XP points on.  Hopefully this post clears up exactly what the clutch rating is and what attributes it effects.  Armed with this knowledge you should be able to make an informed decision if it is right for you and your connected career team.

A QB being clutch increases the following stats for himself, AND the O-Line. All other positions when clutch only affect themselves by increasing the following ratings.

QB: Awareness, Carry, Play Action, Throw Accuracy, Throw On Run

OL: MAJOR boost to Pass Block

RB: Carry, Catching, Pass Block, Stamina

WR: Catch In Traffic, Catching, Release, Route Running, Spectacular Catch, Stamina

TE: Catch In Traffic, Catching, Pass Block, Release, Route Running, Spectacular Catch

K: Kick Accuracy, Kick Power

S: Awareness, Catch In Traffic, Catching, Hit Power, Play Recognition, Pursuit, Tackle

CB: Awareness, Catch In Traffic, Catching, Hit Power, Man Coverage, Play Recognition, Pursuit, Tackle

LB: Awareness, Catch In Traffic, Catching, Hit Power, Play Recognition, Pursuit, Tackle

Clutch comes into effect if losing by 8 or less, or tied… and in the final 2 minutes or in OT

This post was researched and written by forum member Hizenthorn.  If you’d like to discuss the cluch attribue in more detail, you can do so by following this link.

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11 years ago

I play in 4 Leagues and have never spent my XP on the clutch because other sites and tips as well as EA said it does not matter because we most likely are user control. Pretty much they say is only works when a game is simulated. Can you please tell me they are wrong because I accumulate a bunch of XP during the season and if so I will buy the CLUTCH TRAIT.