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Madden 11 New England Defensive eBook has released its first defensive strategy guide for Madden 11.  This is an eBook you will not want to pass up.  We have something for everyone.  Run stoppers, max coverage plays, man/zone blitz combos, and, of course, nanos. Below are actual video clips from our Madden 11 New England Patriots Defensive eBook:

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Formations covered in this eBook:

  1. 3-4 Normal
  2. 3-4 Under
  3. 3-4 Over
  4. 3-4 Solid (You will love this formation, once you learn to use it correctly)
  5. Nickel Normal
  6. Nickel 1-5-5 Prowl
  7. Nickel 3-3-5 (Another great formation)
  8. Quarter Combo

You can get your copy and start dominating your opponents from day 1 of Madden season.  We have been working hard trying to find the best formations, and defenses for you.  Whether you like the 3-4 or not, the concepts learned in this ebook can be carried with you to any defense, however you are unlikely to use any other playbook after you see the tricks we have in the New England defensive playbook. Don’t wait! eBooks get sent directly to your email after checkout.  You can start dominating your opponents in as little as a few minutes!

 Get your copy now! Only $24.99!!!

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  1. i love the 3-4 solid!! it pretty much stops the run on its own without you really having to do anything while at the same time being very effective against t

  2. That's cool but if I was Rogers I would have passed to LB or A. right off the bat and gotten 10 yards. This game has the worse defense of any Madden I have ever seen.

    1. i agree so much who thought it would be fun not to be able to tackle anyone

  3. yes it does the defense in this game is horrible. no zones barely work somehow someone is always open.

    1. YES YALL ARE RIGHT! The tackling is pathetic too. It's like i dont even wanna play D anymore.

  4. I thought I was the only that felt that way. The only way you have a guaranteed chance against some players is by nano-ing cause the D is horrible this year!!!

  5. da tackling in this yr madden suuuuxxxxx!I think last yr madden is better no one can make uh takle wtf???

  6. yes the tackling and you can play defense. you can not even play defense with elite team in the game of madden. wow!

  7. this year seem like it is so easy to run big yards wit one player

  8. If ya hold L2 and down on right hit stick for bout a second before u engage a tackle u will blast them