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Easy Madden 17 Money Play – Flanker Dig

It is always a good idea to have a go-to play in any new Madden game so today we are bringing you one of the easiest money plays in Madden 17.  It is incredibly effective and works well with any team.

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The Easiest Money Play In Madden 17

Playbook: Seattle Seahawks

Formation: Gun Trey Y Flex

Play: Flanker Dig


  1. (Optional) Hot route your receivers on the left to whatever route you’d like


  1. Against man to man defense, look to your tight end on the post route
  2. Against zone defense, hit your running back

Overview: This is one of the easiest reads you will ever make in Madden 17.  Be aware that you can’t run this play all game because a user can take this away if they know it is coming.

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We break down the reads and what to look for in more detail below.

madden 17 money play

This is what the play art looks like for this money play.  Remember, you can do whatever you’d like with all 3 receivers on the left.

madden 17 money play 1

The focus on each play is the middle linebacker.  Also notice how far out that cornerback is who is supposed to be covering our tight end.

madden 17 money play 2

Focus in here on the middle linebacker.  When he takes that hard of an angle towards the sideline, we know the defense is in man to man coverage.  That means we should look to our tight end.

madden 17 money play 3

We want to throw the pass right before he makes his cut into the middle of the field.

madden 17 money play 4

Look at how much room we have to work with.  The cornerback who is supposed to be covering our tight end is nowhere near him.

Now let’s take a look at how this will all work against zone coverage.

madden 17 money play 5

The play art is the exact same as before.  Remember you can adjust the wide receivers on the left side of the screen however you’d like.

madden 17 money play 6

Again we want to focus on the middle linebacker and the cornerback on the right side of the screen.

madden 17 money play 7

Notice that this time the middle linebacker is dropping back into coverage instead of sprinting towards the sideline.  90% of the time that means that they are in a zone defense.

madden 17 money play 8

Another thing to point out with this play is that the cornerback in a zone on the right will start dropping back.  He looks to be in decent position at this point but that will change.

madden 17 money play 9

However, he then starts running towards the sideline which opens up a nice passing lane for us.

madden 17 money play 10

We catch the ball for a 10 yard gain and an easy first down.

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Chris Osby
Chris Osby
7 years ago

Good evening gentlemen. I love this play (flanker Dig). I wanted to pass on two other adjustments you could make to run this play like 3-4 in a row. If you put the far left WR on a slant and the B reciever on a fly route, if would open the B receiver underneath the Y receiver. Good against man and zone. Also attacks the left side of the field due to any smart defense who can recognize the formation and user cover the right side. Its only good for 5-7 yards, but keeps the defense honest.

Chris Osby
Chris Osby
7 years ago
Reply to  Chris Osby

Correction, it would open the X receiver underneath the Y receiver for a 5-7 yard gain. Hope you could understand my adjustments.