A lot of people are calling zone defenses in Madden 17 so today’s free Madden 17 tip goes over a really basic way to beat most zone coverages in the game.

It doesn’t require any setup or complicated reads.  We’ve got the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Denver Broncos

Formation: Gun Doubles HB Wk

Play: Flanker Screen

Setup: None required


  1. (Pre Snap) If defense is in press coverage, you should audible to a different play but the way you can tell if they’re in man coverage is if everyone is pressed across the board.

Overview: This is a very effective screen play to run especially on 3rd downs if you see that your opponent likes to bring pressure. It’s great against Cover 3 and general zone defense looks. If your opponent is in man coverage you’ll want to audible out of this play.

Let’s break this play down in a little more detail.

madden 17 fl screen 1

This is how the play should look.  No setup is required.

madden 17 fl screen 2

In this play, the defense looks to be in a cover 3.  You can see our blockers are in good position.

madden 17 fl screen 3

We catch the ball with a lot of open room to run.

madden 17 fl screen 4

We end the play with about a 20 yard gain.

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