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Madden 10 Online Problem

According to creative director, Ian Cummings, 350,000 people played 1 game of madden 10 online and quit.  They simply played once and decided to never play another game of madden online.

It is obvious that there was a significant problem in online gameplay.  At Kotaku, where this story was first posted, hundreds of users responded, many of whom admitted that they were one of the 350,000 gamers who quit after just one game. The reasons listed included the accelerated clock, disconnect glitches, and long drawn out games.    Whatever it was that turned these games off, EA Sports is trying to change that with Madden 11.

This is very concerning news.  Online gameplay is the future of all video games.  The days of people playing franchise mode or superstar mode against the computer are coming to an end.  Gamers want to compete with real people with real thoughts and real strategies.  They do not want to play against a pre-programmed computer that runs on first down, runs again on second down, passes on third down, and punts on forth down.  Or in franchise mode where you can fool the computer into trading you Andre Johnson for Troy Williamson.   If this problem increase in Madden 11, the majority of games may not buy another madden game for years to come.

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  1. Accelerated clock plus random fumbles just so you can participate in their new addition to the game (Fight For The Fumble) is terrible. If I want to fumble, I would rather it happen because my opponent did something good (hitstick) rather than a CPU strip from behind. Good article.

  2. I couldn’t stand the disconnect glitches. Especially after offering the opponent mercy. That part of Madden is terrible. I really hope they fix that because i hate having losses because someone quit on me.

  3. For me, it was just the lack of creativity this year. Part of that might be the acclerated clock, part of it were the people online.

  4. Glitchers are all over every game,you cant let that hold you down especially if your a competetor i started online gms for first time 4 1/2 months ago .I ran into a few glitchers they got me but now I get them lol and im the 40th Ranked player in madden so if you truly love the game stick with it. As far as the acc clock .I think its good it speeds the gm up a lil and you have time for just enough adjustments,for the long dragged out gms its football it happens its part of it.

  5. I prefer the most realistic pro football game I can get my hands on. Ive always prefered Madden.Some of my friends sat 2K made the best,I disagree. Glad EA has exclusive rights. I think they do a great job. And there are going to be glitches in every game as they add new features. They have a short time to get the next one out. I dont get why they cant just make one say every two years. And then just put out roster updates for those two years..and they would have time to make a better game in each two year cycle,maybe glitch free.But I think we have come to expect so much from EA because they do a great job as making a great realistic game,so our expectations are higher. Me personally. I play 10 minute quarters in franchise. Against the computer and two other friends offline,in the same season.I hope they dont put franchise mode only for online,they will abandon many of us who dont play online. I tried one game online, recently. I didnt like the lagg.And I have a fast connection. I DONT like the clock runoff. I enjoy the game,Im not in a hurry to get it over with. Id like to see more options in online play. To be able to adjust more settings in online play. Penalties higher. Qtrs longer. Etc. And the major gripe for me. This is pro football. We dont ever see 70 point games in NFL. And I dont think we should see them here. Sure I can do it,but I like to drive the field,when I can. use the clock,keep offense off the field.But I think EA needs to make it a bit tougher. The flats issue still needs more look. To easy to get around corners,at times.All in all,EA makes a great game. Just hope they dont abandon the players who play offline with other friends gathered round betting and drinking. It gets me through the off season,for my football fix.

  6. Can someone explain this to me? I played online last night for the first time and I wanted to play a game with my cousin who is in the midwest, i'm on the west coast. We eventually got the game started but couldn't talk to each other while playing. We thought maybe it was our mics so we got different ones but still were unable to talk. Were we doing something wrong or is that just how Madden 11 is?

  7. Madden 2010 online play is whack… Disconnect Glitch is whack… there is no real stratagy to playing the game. people use the same play over and over… chris johnson runs for over 500 yrds in a game without getting hurt…

  8. Ive had no problem playing my friend when he lived in the same town. Since my friend moved, (to another state) we cant play. Every time we try playing( like we've done many times before he moved through "friends list") we can't connect. Either the screen shows no team or is set with some random team. No connection! I just dont get it. I can play random people but not my friend.