According to creative director, Ian Cummings, 350,000 people played 1 game of madden 10 online and quit.  They simply played once and decided to never play another game of madden online.

It is obvious that there was a significant problem in online gameplay.  At Kotaku, where this story was first posted, hundreds of users responded, many of whom admitted that they were one of the 350,000 gamers who quit after just one game. The reasons listed included the accelerated clock, disconnect glitches, and long drawn out games.    Whatever it was that turned these games off, EA Sports is trying to change that with Madden 11.

This is very concerning news.  Online gameplay is the future of all video games.  The days of people playing franchise mode or superstar mode against the computer are coming to an end.  Gamers want to compete with real people with real thoughts and real strategies.  They do not want to play against a pre-programmed computer that runs on first down, runs again on second down, passes on third down, and punts on forth down.  Or in franchise mode where you can fool the computer into trading you Andre Johnson for Troy Williamson.   If this problem increase in Madden 11, the majority of games may not buy another madden game for years to come.