EA Sports has removed the pre-game coin toss scene from Madden 15.  It doesn’t make much sense to take that step backwards but many gamers will much prefer this minor change.

If you’ve ever spent a day (or a weekend) playing Madden, I can just about guarantee that you’ve gotten up to get a quick snack between the team selection menu and the opening kickoff.  That loading screen takes some time and no one wants to sit through watching the same screen over and over.  It is the ideal time to get in a quick bathroom break or to grab some food from the kitchen.


Then you only have 3 seconds to choose whether you want to kick or receive.  99% of elite Madden gamers strongly prefer to kick.  It is pretty frustrating to win the coin toss and have the CPU choose to receive.

You can see from the image above (credit to @shopmaster) that in Madden 15 you select whether you want to receive or kick as well as which endzone you want to start out defending.

The old pre-game coin toss scene added realism but no one really cared to see it and it ended up just wasting time.  I doubt very many people will be sad it is gone.

What are your thoughts on this minor change to Madden 15? Let us know in the comments section below.