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Madden 15 Singleback Ace PA Flood Cover 3 Beater

Yoda is back and bringing you an easy way to pick up 20+ yards against cover 3 zone defenses in Madden 15.

Madden NFL 15 - Singleback Ace PA Flood

Playbook: Tennesee Titans

Formation: Singleback Ace

Play: PA Flood


  1. Put your tight end #2 on a streak route
  2. Put your tight end #1 on an in route
  3. Motion your wide receiver on the right to the left


  1. Against cover 3, your B/circle receiver should be wide open over the middle
  2. You can also look to your tight end #2 on the streak route

Overview: This play does a really good job of beating just about any cover 3 zone defense in Madden NFL 15.

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9 years ago

The route combination in this play is similar to steelers playbook, AcePair Flex, PA Power O.
Streak the TE that lines up left and try that play too. Major man beater too.

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