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How To Counter PA Post Shot in Madden 18 (Part 2)

It is extremely important to be able to counter the most popular plays in Madden 18.  Today, we are going over how to stop the PA Post Shot play for our users who prefer a 4-3 based playbook instead of the 3-4 way of stopping it that we went over before.

Check it out our full breakdown below.

Madden 18: How to Counter PA Post Shot (Part 2)

Playbook: Jacksonville Jaguars

Formation: 4-3 Over Plus

Play: Mike Sam 2 Buzz


  1. Pass commit OR QB Contain
  2. (Optional) Base align
  3. (Optional) Place the DE opposite of your overload side into any coverage
  4. Adjust coverage however you see fit

Overview: In part 1, we showed 3-4 playbook users how they can counter the PA Post Shot with the 3-4 Bear formation. Today we are going over a way for 4-3 playbook users to counter the PA Post Shot out of the 4-3 Over Plus formation. Use this play to render one of the most effective plays in the game useless.

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