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How To Beat Cover 3 Zone Defense in Madden 25

beat cover 3 in madden 25

The cover 3 is the most common type of zone defense you will face in Madden NFL 25 regardless of whether you play on the PS3 and XBOX 360 or the PS4 and the XBOX One.

This Madden 25 tutorial will go over one very simple way of beating the standard cover 3 defense.

XBOX One and PlayStation 4 Madden 25 Tips How To Beat A Cover 3 Defense

Playbook: Any

Formation: Any

Setup: You will want a curl route, a flat route, and a streak route on one side of the field.  You can do this by using hot routes


  1. You will want to look to your receiver on the curl route.  Watch the video for exact timing.

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