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Madden 11 Leagues

Madden-School is offering the oppurtunity for all leagues and online franchises to bring their community to our forums.

Benefits of moving your league to madden-school:

1. We provide your league its own section to discuss trades, schedule games, or trash talk. The commisioner will have control over his own forum.
2. We have been around 3 years and have a very good user base. We let you recruit freely on madden-school if your league is based on here.
3. Your own private chatroom for your league. You will get access to your own password protected private chatroom hosted on madden-school’s nickel where you and your league members can chat in real time.
4. FREE PRIZES! Madden-School offers free prizes to all leagues that complete at least 75% of their games. Prizes include madden 11 ebooks, money on, free pizza and cold hard cash
5. No website experience needed. You don’t have to go through the pain of setting up a website. We do all the technical stuff for you.
6. Freedom. We don’t force you to change your league or franchise name, and we don’t make you play by our rules. You maintain 100% control over your league or franchise.

For more information, email

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