pursuit and finesse moves madden 25

EA Sports has been slowly releasing some helpful information concerning what individual ratings actually mean.  Today we are going to take a look at finesse moves and power moves in Madden 25.


Finesse Move Information:

  • Finesse move-groups are: Spin, Swim, Hand Knock-Down, Speed Rush
  • Determines the chance a defender gets flattened by the blocker
  • Determines defenders skill vs. blocker’s skill for success of finesse moves
  • AI uses FMV vs. Power Move rating to determine which move-set is used
  • Determines the max time taken to perform successful finesse move

Pursuit Information:

  • Determines amount of time it takes to change direction while chasing the ball carrier
  • Determines the chance for a hit stick when chasing the ball
  • Determines how quickly a player update his pursuit path relative to the ball carrier
  • Determines how quickly a player can break out of chasing the ball carrier