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Analyzing Finesse Moves and Pursuit in Madden 25

pursuit and finesse moves madden 25

EA Sports has been slowly releasing some helpful information concerning what individual ratings actually mean.  Today we are going to take a look at finesse moves and power moves in Madden 25.

Finesse Move Information:

  • Finesse move-groups are: Spin, Swim, Hand Knock-Down, Speed Rush
  • Determines the chance a defender gets flattened by the blocker
  • Determines defenders skill vs. blocker’s skill for success of finesse moves
  • AI uses FMV vs. Power Move rating to determine which move-set is used
  • Determines the max time taken to perform successful finesse move

Pursuit Information:

  • Determines amount of time it takes to change direction while chasing the ball carrier
  • Determines the chance for a hit stick when chasing the ball
  • Determines how quickly a player update his pursuit path relative to the ball carrier
  • Determines how quickly a player can break out of chasing the ball carrier


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10 years ago

more worthless information!!!!!!!!!!! RELEASE THE DEFENSIVE RATINGS GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 years ago

When you are trying to shead blocks the directions say use l3/r3 you push both in 3 different directions , I get that but they don’t tell you what happens when you go in those directions , what happens when you move l3 down / r3 to the right , what exactly are they going to do, please explain