madden 25 defensive player ratings

The full defensive player ratings for Madden 25 are now available.  They are still missing the acceleration rating for everyone but it is better than nothing.

You can download the excel spreadsheet with individual ratings for each player in Madden 25 at this link.

The link also includes the previously released offensive player ratings as well as the defensive player ratings for every player on all 32 teams.

Who do you think is overrated and who is underrated in Madden 25? Let us know in the comments section below or on our madden 25 forum.


  • hey Madden school the Titans team is very underrated this year. I know they don’t have a lot of break out players but they have speed at linebacker and defensive back. Their offense has speed and everybody knows CJ is one of the hardest backs in madden to shut down. Tell me how you think their ratings are far as in online head on head competition.

    • The Titans have a solid team this year. Sure their overall ratings don’t really reflect that but if you go position by position and look at their detailed ratings they are a pretty good team.

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