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A Strategy For Assigning XP in Connected Careers

The way I allocate XP is based on maximizing the amount of XP I will gain over time and maximizing my strengths rather than attempting to create players that are Jack of all trades (master of none). My strategy for each position is a little different but seems to be working. I play Offline CCM as a Coach so your experience may differ a bit depending on how what type of CC you play.

Coach: As a Coach the most important thing you can do for your team is maximize the overall amount of XP your team receives each week. You can purchase XP upgrades for each position allowing those positions to earn additional XP per game. I chose to upgrade XP for my WR’s first then my CB’s since this upgrade would affect the highest number of players (6 WR’s & 6 CB’s). I then chose to upgrade RB’s and then TE’s (3 each). After that I continued to upgrade each position on Level of importance (QB’s, Guards, Tackles, LB’s FB, K, P etc..). After that I saved up for Draft Points. I am currently working on Retirement Packages in order of my greatest need. (QB, HB, WR and then working down). I am currently not worried about resignings or free agents. (I Like to keep my Team Icon’s around as long as possible)

Players: As a CCM Coach I can allocate XP for Upgrades for each player. I typically try to improve the best attributes first, then work my way back depending on the player. The most important trait for all positions appears to be the development trait, which improves the speed at which a player will develop (gain improvements to stats). Building this up to ‘Superstar’ is Ideal but expensive and hard to accomplish for minor role players on your team. By using the XP model you will quickly see the rich get richer and the rarely used players languish. (The one exception to this may be in the goals section. You will notice that Offensive lineman that never play a down will still gain XP for reaching a team goal of 4500 Passing yards or 2400 Rushing Yards. It almost makes sense to keep extra Lineman around just so they can soak up the free XP.)

Quarterback: The most powerful upgrade appears to be the clutch trait. This trait affects the overall rating of the QB and most importantly the ENTIRE offensive line during the last couple minutes of the game if you are behind by 8 or less points in the game. This one trait for the QB makes it exceptionally powerful and should be purchased first. I then purchase passing upgrades for my highest rated passing attribute. If my QB has SAC of 90, MAC 88, DAC 86 then I will upgrade my SAC up to 99 and adjust my passing game accordingly until I can upgrade the categories. Unless you have a mobile QB and like running around the field at that position I don’t see any value in improving your Physical attributes. Even the coveted Throw Power rating isn’t going to be as important until after you get your DAC rating up.

Running Backs: Elusiveness is pretty important, but gets really expensive as you upgrade. I have focused on improving ball Carrier Vision first as it seems to really make hitting the holes in the O-line much easier once it’ is maxed out to 99. After that I focus on Purchasing the Fight for Yards trait and Consistency Upgrades. Consistency upgrades are important across the board as this affects the amount of Attribute Decline experienced if a player goes “cold”.

Wide Recievers/TE’s: Speed is very expensive and cost prohibitive. If you want speedy receivers you either need to draft, trade or sign in FA. You will have a very hard time improving a 94 SPD WR to a 99. That being said I usually improve the Catch In Traffic stat first and then work on AWR, Consistency then Clutch trait. I think CIT is the most important since being in traffic means he has to fight for the ball with a DB. If he loses that contest then it would result in a turnover (unacceptable). The other catch rating just means he drops the ball uncontested (no turnover, acceptable). I like speedy WR type TE’s so I treat these about the same. If you have a preference for Blocking TE’s then upgrade towards your play style.

O-Line, FB: I like to be able to run and place importance on that first (Personal preference). I focus on improving Run Block and Impact blocking, then Consistency and AWR. I haven’t got passed that point yet but would work on AWR after that. If you prefer to pass then you could easily improve your Pass Block rating instead. Regardless I choose the same strategy for the entire O-line/FB: It would also make sense though to improve Run Block Rating for interior lineman (C & G’s) and Pass Block ratings for the tackles.

Defensive Line: Improving Acceleration for your D-line is probably the most important, but also the most expensive and not likely to get you very far. Mario Williams has an ACC rating of 94 and it will cost of 700K of XP to Improve him further. Knowing this I am sure to scout for the Highest players with these attributes since they are the most valuable. Instead I have focused on purchasing the Bull Rush trait, Swim Trait then improving Block Shedding, Pursuit, Play Recognition, and then AWR. If you get that far you can work on SPD/ACC.

Defensive Backs/Line Backers: Yes I did lump my DB’s and LB’s into the same group! I usually limit myself to Cover 2 and Cover 3 plays. I focus on improving my Zone Coverage for each defensive player. Sure, I limit myself to one style of play, but at least I am pretty good at it. I therefore do not “waste” XP on improving stats for Man or Press coverage. I then purchase the Play the Ball trait before upgrading Catch, Play Recognition and AWR. Ultimately I am trying to make my defense an interception machine.

Kicker/Punter: The only stat that matters is Kick Power. As the player you have most of the control when it comes to accuracy, so don’t wast your XP. It is highly expensive though, so once again if you don’t have it, go get it in the draft or FA. If you are lucky enough to have a KP of 99 then build consistency and then AWR before KAC.

What is your strategy for allocating XP in Madden franchise mde?

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11 years ago

Finally a place to find this info. Your a god send. Is it worth upgrading Development vs stats if they don’t start out as quick?

Mike G.
Mike G.
11 years ago

Do you know if the scheme does anything towards earning XP?

If I use a vertical offense and have a VT TE does that make him earn more XP, things of that nature?

I haven’t seen a difference, but I’m wondering if you start a year with Vertical threat then its set for that year. If you change it in the pff season if it effects how players earn XP if you choose to change it.

EA has done a bad job at sharing the info on all the scheme and XP additions. What ever, still a fun game.

10 years ago
Reply to  Mike G.

It does. I saw it when I was looking through my teams season goals.

11 years ago

Please can you be more specific abput every single positions please.
Sorry for my bad english