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A Look At The Madden 17 Final Offensive Player Ratings

The latest, and final, roster update for Madden 17 is now available for download. That means Madden 17 is in the history books, and the final player ratings are now set in stone. We’re taking a look inside the top rated offensive players of this year’s Madden 17 game, and also weighing in on a few player ratings that we feel are possible snubs. 

First up, quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers finishes as the top rated signal caller in Madden 17 with a 97 overall rating. That’s one point better than Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady who came in at a 96 overall, and two points better than League MVP Matt Ryan who finishes the year with a 95 overall rating.

Quarterback ratings are always the first one’s most players look at when the ratings are released or updated. 

The Madden 17 ratings snubs at quarterback this year include Marcus Mariota who finished with a 79 overall, and Trevor Siemian who comes in with a 76 overall. These both seem quite low considering they each had decent seasons making plays for their teams.

To put Siemian’s rating in perspective, he’s rated lower than Jay Cutler (77 overall), but his awareness is a respectable 81, his throw power 88, and his lowest accuracy score is his deep throw at 78.    

Steelers Running Back Le’Veon Bell ends the Madden 17 season as the top rated running back with a 96 overall rating. This is no surprise given that Bell is one of the most dangerous weapons in the game. Other notable running backs with high ratings include David Johnson who finishes with a respectable 90 overall, Lesean McCoy who also ended Madden 17 with a 90 overall, and Devonta Freeman with an 88 overall.

An unexpected rating snub falls on Bears rookie running back Jordan Howard. Howard was the NFL’s second leading rusher behind Ezekiel Elliott (88 overall), but finished with a somewhat disappointing 82 overall rating. To put that in perspective, that’s the same as Frank Gore of the Colts, two points worse than Eddie Lacy (84 overall) who was hurt most of the season, and one point worse than Mark Ingram (83 overall).

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones holds the top rating at his position with a 98 overall rating. This is just one point ahead of Antonio Brown of the Steelers who finished with a 97 overall. Other wide receivers with nice ratings to end the Madden 17 include AJ Green with a 94 overall, Odell Beckham Jr. with a 92 overall, and Larry Fitzgerald with a 90 overall.

The top receiver snub in Madden 17 has to be TY Hilton at 88 overall. Hilton led the NFL in receiving yards, and had the most 20+ yard catches. To put this one in perspective, Hilton’s 88 is one point less than Alshon Jeffery (89 overall), and the exact same as Sammy Watkins (88 overall). Both of which weren’t even close to the threat that Hilton was this season. 

Did the Madden 17 ratings department get it right? Are there any players you feel we may have missed? As always, please feel free to give us your thoughts and share your opinions in the comments section below.   

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Tyrone White
Tyrone White
6 years ago

The ratings could have been a little better on certain teams. A lot of teams that made the playoff and went to the Superbowl should have been a little higher they players played good. Mohamed Sanu rating should be a little higher than that.