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5 Second Year Offensive Players To Watch For In Madden 18

Every year there are rookies who just outperform their expectations, and they tend to have huge impacts in Madden. Naturally, we can’t wait to see what those players will look like when Madden 18 comes out in August. So, here are our 5 second year offensive players to watch for in Madden 18.

Carson Wentz: QB Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz was up and down during his rookie season leading to a fluctuation in his Madden ratings. He started strong, but tapered off as the season progressed. Wentz finished the season rated a 77 overall.

Wentz has good ratings with a 92 throw power, 82 throw on the run, and an 81 play action. His speed, agility, and acceleration ratings are also incredibly high given his size. They are all at 82 or above. Wentz’s ratings overall make him a great sleeper quarterback in Madden 18. Plus, for those of you who like to run with the quarterback, and run more of a spread or option attack, Wentz could make a great option for you.

Wentz’s ratings should only get better also. Since he was given some help at the wide receiver position after the Eagles signed Alshon Jeffery, then Wentz should be a second year player to watch for in Madden 18.   

Robert Kelley: HB Washington Redskins

Robert Kelley may have been snubbed in his overall rating as he finished the year with a 77 rating. He sports an 85 ball carrier vision and trucking rating to go along with his 80 awareness, 83 carrying, and 86 agility. Robert Kelley is certainly a second year player to watch as he also runs behind a very solid O-Line in Washington.

Kelley finished the season as the Redskins starting running back, and should remain in that spot for next season making him a threat in Madden 18. Kelley finished the year as a beast of a running back, and is tough for opposing defenses to stop in Madden 17. He is definitely a second year player to watch for in Madden 18.

Corey Coleman: WR Cleveland Browns

It’s hard to imagine that the Cleveland Browns offense has any players to watch out for after Terrelle Pryor left for Washington, but they do and Corey Coleman is one of them. Coleman finished the season rated a 78 overall. His speed is perhaps his biggest tool and threat.

Coleman also has aggressive catch, possession catch, and RAC catch traits to go along with his makes sideline catches trait. Corey Coleman’s 81 catch rating is somewhat average, but he has a 93 jump and a 91 spectacular catch rating.

The second year wide receiver is certainly a player to watch for in Madden 18. Especially one to watch for is Cleveland can ever get it’s quarterback position situated. With just a serviceable player who can get the ball downfield to the speedy wide out, Coleman could be a real threat in Madden 18. Maybe Cutler and his arm strength could make that happen.

Hunter Henry: TE San Diego Chargers

Hard to believe Hunter Henry was a rookie in Madden 17, but he was. Henry was the highest rated rookie tight end in this year’s game as he finished the season rated an 81 overall. Hunter Henry poses all sorts of problems for opponents of the Chargers.

Henry’s speed is deadly for a tight end at an 84 rating. His 85 catch and 81 catch in traffic ratings are great for a rookie and should translate to his second year and Madden 18. Henry will definitely provide you with a threat at the tight end spot, and if you like two tight sets, then he and Antonio Gates will make a great pairing for you in next season’s Madden. Henry is certainly a second year player to watch for in Madden 18.

Tyreek Hill: WR Kansas City Chiefs

This pretty much goes without saying, but Tyreek Hill is a Madden sensation. Hill’s final rating was an 81 in Madden 17, but definitely promises to just go up in Madden 18 and beyond. Tyreek Hill is absolutely one of the fastest receivers and punt/kick returners in recent Madden memory. For those older Madden players, Hill is like the reincarnation of Devin Hester, who was seemingly unstoppable in prior years.

Tyreek Hill is more than fast, though. His 87 catch rating and 82 awareness are incredibly high for a rookie, and they look to remain the same moving into his second year. Hill also has an 80 route running, and 91 jump rating making him even more deadly for jump balls in the end zone. Put it all together and Tyreek Hill is by far a second year player to watch for in Madden 18.


That does it for our 5 second year offensive players to watch for in Madden 18. Certainly these aren’t all of the second year players to watch for. Who are yours? Are there any players you feel should have made our list? Maybe Jarrod Goff? You tell us. Feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts.

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