In this Madden 17 tip, Stickwork is breaking down a play that destroys cover 2 defenses.

We’ve got the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Jacksonville Jaguars

Formation: Singleback Doubles

Play: PA Stretch


  1. Motion the B/O receiver to the left side of the screen
  2. Put the A/X tight end on a fade
  3. Put the Y/Triangle receiver on a fade
  4. Put the X/Square receiver on a drag route
  5. Put the running back on an out to the left


  1. The main target is the B/O receiver deep over the middle of the field
  2. If the main target fails, look towards the X/Square receiver as a check down
  3. If that is not there check down to the running back and move on to the next play

Overview: Here we are looking for the homerun ball. The two fades spread out the zones leaving the B/O receiver wide open. This is to be used against a Cover 2 style defense.