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Practice In Madden 22 Franchise Mode Gets Major Changes

EA Sports is making changes to how practice is done inside of franchise mode in Madden 22. Instead of choosing position groups to do weekly drills earning Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals, a new system has been implemented that allows all players on your team to train each week.

This year as a coach, you will make 2 main decisions each week: Practice Intensity and Player Reps.

Practice Intensity

For practice intensity, you decide how hard you want your team to practice that week. You can choose between full pads or half pads.

Full pads give your players higher XP and gameplan boosts but will lessen how your players’ fatique recovery as well as lead to a new feature in Madden 22: Practice Injuries.

Practice injuries generally only result in minor injuries that last a week and your commissioners has the ability to turn them off completely if they choose.

Half pads are basically the opposite of full pads. Your players get lower XP and gameplan boosts but higher fatigue recovery and very low chance of injury.

Player Reps

Player reps allows you to assign how reps are distributed in practice between the starters and the backups.

You have 3 options: Starters, Split, and Backups. Just like before, there are different pros and cons to each selection.

Starters mean the starting lineup will take the majority of the reps and will earn more XP and Gameplan Focus boosts. However, they will have less fatigue recovery and higher injury chances.

Split reps are just what it sounds like – splitting the reps equally along with all the other aspects.

Backups will give the majority of the reps to backups so they get more XP and game boosts but less fatigue recover and higher injury chances.

Focus Players

Just like last year, Madden 22 will allow you to focus train 3 of your players that you really want to receive additional XP.

This year you will also be able to unlock up to 3 additional focus player slots through the new Coaching Staff Talent Trees.

Free Practice

You will still be able to use free practice inside of franchise mode as much as you’d like without worry of injury or fatigue.

What are your thoughts on the new practice system in Madden 22 franchise mode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Please add free practice back after your game is complete. In franchise mode while I am waiting for my friends I like to play with my team and try out new things. That is ultimately the fun part is playing and I don’t know why you would take that out. Please add it back, so we can work with our teams at all times.

  2. You should add scrimmage to the preseason. Where instead of just practicing against our own defense and vice versa, we can practice against other friends in the league until regular season starts

  3. Please add practice uniforms, shorts and jerseys or something. And let us actually do reps in practice gear

  4. get the size right and drop the outdated rules keeping vets off these squads. its in the game???