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drew brees underrated qbs in madden 19

4 Underrated Quarterbacks in Madden 19

We’re a little over halfway through the season, and the week 8 roster update was just released this past Thursday. As usual, there are several players with overall ratings that have many of you shaking your head. Today, the pros at Madden School are taking a look at the overall ratings of the most important players in Madden, the quarterbacks. Of course these ratings are likely to change after this past week’s games, but until then, here are our 4 underrated quarterbacks in Madden 19.

Mitch Trubisky – 78 Overall

The Bears took Trubisky with the second pick in the 2017 NFL draft. The young quarterback is rated a 78 overall, and that number hasn’t gone up for several weeks despite his fairly decent play and athletic highlights. Trubisky has 16 TD passes and 7 INT to go with a few TD runs and a per carry average of 8 yards. Combine all of those numbers with some of the athletic highlight plays we’ve seen from Trubisky, and he’s definitely one of the most underrated QBs in Madden 19.

Carson Wentz – 86 Overall

Another second overall draft pick, Carson Wentz has taken the Eagles offense to one of the best in the league over the last couple of seasons. Wentz was easily the frontrunner for league MVP before tearing his knee against the LA Rams late last season – in one of the more exciting and action packed contests of the year. Regardless of last season, Wentz has 13 TD passes to only 2 INT thrown this year, and he missed the first two games rehabbing from that knee injury. With seven games still to play, Wentz is on pace to put up another 30+ TD seasons. He definitely deserves a higher rating than his current 86 overall.

Jared Goff – 87 Overall  

Goff is putting together a great season as his team currently holds one of the top records in the NFL at 8-1. The LA Rams offense is highly regarded as one of, if not the best, offenses in the league. Goff sits near the top of the league in TD passes with a total of 20 to go with his 7 INTs thrown. Although Goff has taken his team from one of the worst to one of the best in the last two seasons, his overall rating, similar to Wentz’s, doesn’t reflect his high level of play. Goff deserves to have his overall rating boosted a little, or he at least needs to be under consideration.

Drew Brees – 92 Overall

We know it sounds petty to suggest that a 92 overall rating is too low, but in the case of Drew Brees, it is an incredibly valid argument. Brees has thrown 18 TDs and only 1 INT this season. That’s right, 1! Earlier this season, the Saints QB passed Dan Marino as the all-time leader in passing yards and was rewarded with an addition to the exclusive 99 overall club. That lasted just one week and his overall rating fell back to the lower 90s in the following week’s roster update. Total up his MVP level of play, the ridiculous TD to INT ratio he has going and then factor in his team is tied for the league’s best record, and Brees should definitely be rated higher than his current 92 overall.


Your level of quarterback play is vital to winning games, and their overall ratings will directly impact your level of success in competitive gameplay. There are several different factors that go into calculating a player’s overall rating. Wins, touchdown passes, interceptions thrown and athletic ability all help determine the quarterback’s rating.

Clearly, these aren’t the only players with overall ratings that stood out. There are several other players at various positions who have abnormally low overall ratings. Which players have overall ratings that seem shockingly low that you may have noticed? See any QBs who should’ve made this list we may have missed? As always, comment below to share your thoughts with the Madden School community.

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