EA Sports is already hard at work on Madden 21 but there is still time to add in some new features and tweaks.

This is an especially important year because Madden 21 will be released on both the current generation XBOX One and PlayStation 4 consoles as well as the next generation consoles.


In today’s article, we are going over 4 changes we think would make online franchise mode much more enjoyable in Madden NFL 21.

The Ability To Lose Development Traits Or Limit How Many Can Be Active At Once

Most default rosters start out with somewhere around 3-5 players having a Superstar or X Factor development trait. Obviously really good teams have a few more and a poor teams have a few less but 3-5 per team is fairly accurate as an average.

Since once you have a development trait, you have it forever, if you get past season 5 you start to see teams loaded with 15 out of their 22 starters being Superstar or X-Factor.

While the intention from EA Sports was to have Superstars make a huge impact on the game, once you get deep into an online franchise mode, you are at a huge disadvantage if you don’t have a superstar at every position.


It just isn’t realistic for every player on the field have abilities that are meant to be reserved for the best of the best.

There has to be a way to balance out these development traits or limit them like in Madden Ultimate team to a specific number per team.

Offensive Line Development Traits

With how dominant pass rushers are, it is as important as ever to give offensive lineman the ability to become Superstars or X-Factors.

As you get past season 3 in franchise mode, you have 20+ new superstar pass rushers resulting from development increases.

During that time, the number of superstar offensive lineman stay about the same. Many of the best offensive lineman are old to begin with so they retire and are only replaced by a few superstar rookies.

This results in a complete imbalance between the OL and the DL. There has to be a way for offensive linemen to earn development increases so they can keep up with their defensive counterparts.


Fix The Salary Cap Or Provide More Flexibility In Structuring Contracts

The NFL salary cap generally rises somewhere between 4-6% each year. In Madden, it rises much slower. We put together data on how the salary cap changes with each passing season in Madden 20.

It doesn’t keep pace at all with the rising salary demands of players in the game. After 10 seasons, the average salary cap raise per year is a little over 1%.

This isn’t something new to Madden 20. The salary cap in franchise mode was structured this way in Madden 19 and other Madden games as well.

If this isn’t something that can be fixed for Madden 21 and players will be artificially constrained by a low salary cap, then we as general managers must have the flexibility to better structure contracts.

We should have the ability to offer front loaded or back loaded contracts. Contracts with guaranteed money in the first years of a big contract but the ability to cut that player with no cap penalty in the later years of the contract.

There needs to be more control over how each general manager is able to build his team in Madden 21.


Fix The Running Game

There are basically 2 running concepts that you will face in Madden 20. HB Dive and HB Stretch. Every other running concept is a waste of a play call.

Those runs need to be toned down (or increase the effectiveness of other running concepts).

What do you want to see changed for franchise mode in Madden 21? Sound off in the comments!