In today’s free Madden tips, Yoda goes over 2 more plays to round out our 3-3-5 scheme for Madden NFL 25.  They both bring heat while rushing only 4-6 men.  Use these plays with the other videos this last week and your opponent will have a hard time moving the ball downfield.

Only call this first play when the opposing team’s running back is on the right of the quarterback.  It is less consistent when the running back is on the left of the quarterback.

Playbook: 3-4, 49ers, Others

Formation: 3-3-5

Play: Loop Crash 3


  1. Base Align
  2. Show Blitz
  3. Pinch and crash the D-line down
  4. (Optional) Put the LOLB in a purple zone
  5. (Optional) Put the LDE in a hook zone


Play: 3 Overload Fire


  1. Spread the D-line
  2. Crash the D-line out
  3. Shift the linebackers to the left
  4. Reblitz the DT
  5. (Optional) Put LDE in purple zone
  6. (Optional) Put ROLB in purple zone

As always, if you can’t get something to work, or have questions about a play, or even a suggestion to make it better, feel free to leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Madden 15 forum.