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Madden NFL 15 Jacksonville Jaguars Team Breakdown

The Jacksonville Jaguars are unquestionably the worst team in Madden NFL 15.  Although they have improved a little from last year, unless you are a die hard Jaguars fan, you would be wise to stay away from them in this year’s game.

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Offensive Strategy: Spread the field.  The Jaguars have lots of options at receiver and Mercedes Lewis is a good tight end.  Chances are the Jaguars 3rd and 4th wide receivers will be able to beat opposing teams’ nickel and dime cornerbacks.  By spreading the field, you also allow rookie QB Blake Bortles to pick apart defenses.

Defensive Strategy: 4-3 try your best.  In Madden 25, the Jaguars defense was the worst defense in Madden NFL history.  This year they are a little better but there is still weaknesses at every defensive position and no real defensive speed.

Strengths: Wide Receiver.  While it isn’t necessarily an overwhelming strength, the Jaguars have 5 solid wide receivers for Madden 15.  That depth will allow you to create some mismatches and use some creative formations.

Weaknesses: Everything else.  The Jaguars lack talent and playmakers all over the field but especially on defense.  You may be able to have a decent offense with them but defense is going to be a big struggle this year.

Impact Players: QB Blake Bortles, WR Justin Blackmon, WR Cecil Shorts, WR Marqise Lee, TE Mercedes Lewis, DE Chris Clemons, MLB Paul Posluszny, CB Dwayne Gratz, SS Jonathan Cyprien

Key Newcomers: QB Blake Bortles, RB Toby Gerhart, WR Marqise Lee, WR Allen Robinson, LG Zane Beadles, DT Red Bryant, DE Chris Clemons

Additional Remarks: If there is any silver lining to this Jacksonville Jaguars team its that they have decent team potential with young players all over the depth chart.  If you have them in a connected franchise, they could be a good team in 2 or 3 seasons.

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