The loss of Chris Johnson is a big blow to the Tennessee Titans in Madden NFL 15.  His 99 speed rating covered a lot of problems the Titans had on offense.  However, the Titans still have a very strong defense and an offense that skilled players may be able to work with if they find the right scheme.

Team: Tennessee Titans

Offensive Strategy: Find something that works.  The Titans offense isn’t built for Madden.  They have a strong offensive line but that doesn’t get you anywhere in the virtual football world.  You may want to try out some option plays early on to make the defense think about the quarterback’s feet.  That will probably help open up some passing lanes later on in the game.

Defensive Strategy: 3-4. Get after the QB.  This Titans team will be very good at getting after the quarterback.  They have speed at linebacker that will make things difficult for opposing offenses.  Pressure the quarterback and you should be able to force a few turnovers per game.

Strengths: The Titans have a low key but very strong Madden 15 defense.  They have lots of depth at linebacker while the defensive line and secondary can gold their own as well. They may not get the hype that other Madden defenses get, but they are very solid.

Weaknesses: Offense.  Bishop Sankey is going to be a Madden freak but his ratings can’t be too high to start out being a 2nd round rookie.  Jake Locker will struggle with the new emphasis on pass accuracy in Madden 15.  The receivers and tight ends aren’t bad but getting the ball to them will be a struggle.

Impact Players: QB Jake Locker, HB Bishop Sankey, WR Kendell Wright, TE Delanie Walker, LOLB Akeem Ayers, MLB Wesley Woodyard, MLB Zach Brown, ROLB Shaun Phillips, CB Jason McCourty, FS Michael Griffin

Key Newcomers: OT Taylor Lewan, HB Bishop Sankey, WR Dexter McCluster, MLB Wesley Woodyad, OLB Shaun Phillips

Additional Remarks: The Titans aren’t the best team and they aren’t the worst team.  If you are a true Titans fan, you will probably be able to make this team work against non-elite teams (49ers, Seahawks, etc) but you can bet this team won’t be used in competitive Madden tournaments.

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