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14 New Formations and 300 New Plays Added To Madden 22

13 new offensive formations and 1 new defensive formation will be in Madden 22. Those that had a chance to participate in the Madden 22 beta noted that even with these new additions, playbooks still felt really stale.

That being said, new plays and formations are always a welcome addition to any Madden game.

Here’s a quick look at them:

  • Gun Bunch Y-Flex (TE aligned in a tight split opposite the bunch receivers)
  • Gun Empty Quads
  • Gun Normal Y Off
  • Gun Normal Y Off Close
  • Gun Normal Y Off Wk
  • Gun Open Flex Wk
  • Gun Tight Y Off
  • Gun Tight Y Off Wk
  • Gun Wing HB Wk
  • Pistol Open Flex Close
  • Singleback Deuce Y-Flex (Makes a return to the game)
  • Singleback Bunch X Nasty
  • Strong Jumbo (Goal line look with the Fullback aligned strong in the backfield)
  • Nickel 1-5-5 Double A Gap

Some of the formations with the most early potential are Gun Bunch Y-Flex, Gun Empty Quads, Gun Normal Y Off Close, Gun Tight Y Off, and Singleback Deuce Y-Flex.

Which formation are you most excited to try out in Madden 22? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Finally Normal Y Off is in a playbook outside of spread. Sad there’s not more new formations, but we’ll take it!

  2. We need more near and far sets speaded out. More trips te spreader out. Defensively, we need more Nickle 3-3-5 Normal. And a defense called QB Trap in the Quarters Normal from earlier versions of Madden.