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Top 3 Candidates For The Madden 16 Cover

It is almost time for the EA Sports Madden NFL 16 cover vote.  It usually takes place in early May.  The formats change every year and the NFL players in the vote always seem to be different.  We still don’t yet know how the cover vote will be held or who will be in the tournament.

However, we have narrowed down 3 players that have an extremely high chance to be on the Madden 16 cover.

Last year, the Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman was on the cover.  The year before that Adrian Peterson and Barry Sanders were on the Madden 25 cover.

1. Cam Newton – QB Carolina Panthers

He seems to consistently just barely miss making the cover usually losing in the final round.  He has a great relationship with EA Sports and is one of the most entertaining quarterbacks in the NFL.

He is essentially what Madden is all about: A big, fast, powerful quarterback with a giant arm.  There is nothing that screams Madden more than a quarterback scrambling around for 8 seconds followed by a 60 yard heave downfield. (Disclaimer: We absolutely wouldn’t recommend trying to play that way, but plenty of people do)

EA Sports would sell plenty of copies of Madden 16 by taking one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL and putting his image on the cover.

2. J.J. Watt – DE Houston Texans

If you are going to choose a defensive player to put on the cover, J.J. Watt is the obvious choice.  Fans everywhere seem to love him, he make guest appearances on all kinds of T.V. shows, and is one of the most recognizable defensive players in the NFL.

Watt consistently dominates in Madden.  So much so that people have just stopped running towards him in online games.

The one glaring problem is that Richard Sherman was on the Madden 15 cover which probably means that Madden 16 will go to someone on the other side of the ball.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. – WR New York Giants

He is a little bit of a dark horse candidate but if Peyton Hillis can make the cover of Madden, OBJ can easily find himself on the cover of Madden 16.

All EA would have to do is put an image of him making that catch against the Cowboys on the cover and they would instantly sell more games.

Although Beckham doesn’t have the name or face recognition of some of the bigger stars out there, he is a fan favorite and everyone would know exactly what the cover is referencing.

Who do you think will be on the Madden 16 cover? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Andrew Luck would be a perfect choice for the cover.

    1. I’d think Andrew Luck would be great on the cover, I just don’t see it happening because he just goes about his business and dominates but he isn’t in the media too much.

  2. Andrew Luck Dez Bryant & J.J. Watt

    1. All great choices. I think Dez would be tough to put on the cover because he has had some problems in the past, but I could see it happening.

  3. i mean why not tom brady i mean he has 4 rings and he just won the superbowl and he never been on the cover before

    1. He would be a good choice too. Very marketable.

      1. Why not switch it up and put Joe Montana, Dan Marino, or Dick Butkus! Throwback edition

  4. I think JERMAINE KEARSE to be honest because of that catch in the superbowl