In this Madden 21 tip, we are going over a way to torch the 2 most common zone defenses in the game (Cover 2 and Cover 3).

Check out the full breakdown below!

Playbook: Atlanta Falcons

Formation: Gun Doubles

Play: Weak Flood


  1. Block the running back
  2. Motion the X/Square receiver to the right


  1. The main target on this play is going to be the X/Square receiver deep on the post
  2. Then look for the A/X tight end on the drag route
  3. Finally find the Y/Triangle receiver on the deep out route on the left of the field

Overview: Here we breakdown how to beat both Cover 2 and Cover 3 defenses for a TD in one play. Remember to use a receiver that has speed for the post route. Also, we have a couple other routes in case ouropponent defends the post deep.

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