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Madden 21 gun tight flex

Easy Madden 21 Money Play From Shotgun Tight Flex

In today’s free Madden 21 tip, we are going over an easy money play that doesn’t require any sort of adjustments.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 21 Tips: Gun Tight Flex - PA Post Shot

Playbook: Cincinnati Bengals & Los Angeles Rams

Formation: Gun Tight Flex

Play: PA Post Shot

Setup: None required.

  1. (Optional) Against cover 2, you can zig the A/X tight end.
  2. (Optional) Against cover 3 and cover 4, you can slant the Y/Triangle receiver.


  1. Against all coverages, your first read is the A/X tight end on a drag. Your main read is the B/Circle receiver on the crosser.
  2. Against cover 3 and cover 4, put the Y/Triangle receiver on a slant for variation and throw a low pass to him.
  3. Against cover 2, put the A/X tight end on a zig and your main read becomes the Y/Triangle receiver.
  4. Against cover 1, for variation put the X/Square receiver on a slant and motion him out towards the sideline.

Overview: This play is one of the best stock plays in the game, as it absolutely detroys nearly every coverage in the game with no required setup.

Since there are no required hot routes, it is a good idea to quick snap this play as fast as possible in order to not let your opponent get any defensive adjustments off.

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