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Madden 21 Man Defense Beater: Gun Doubles – PA Zone Read

It is very important to have ways to beat man to man coverage early on in any Madden game. You want to force your opponent to become one dimensional and only call zone defense.

So in today’s Madden 21 tip, we are going over a unique play found in the Run N Gun playbook that works really well.

Check it out below!

Madden 21 Man Beater: Gun Doubles - PA Zone Read

Playbook: Run N Gun

Formation: Gun Doubles

Play: PA Zone Read


  1. Motion the receiver on the right sid in a few steps and hike before he reaches the tight end


  1. Your first read is either drag route
  2. Then look to the over route that is being run by the X/Square receiver
  3. The final read is the motioned post route deep toward the sideline

Overview: This is one of my favorite stock plays year after year due to its ability to quick snap and kill man with little to no adjustments.

As shown in the video, it can work with any caliber receiver but I prefer to have faster WRs if possible, with my best WR running the post route that I motion. This play has 4 man beating options that allow us to attack all areas of the field simply depending on when we decide to throw the ball.

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Matthew Hay
Matthew Hay
3 years ago

What’s The Best Plays For The Pittsburgh Steelers On Offense And Defense? Madden 21.

corey harris
corey harris
3 years ago

Play won’t let me snap it once I put receiver in motion

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