No NCAA Football 13 Draft Class Import in Madden 13

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Written by Madden School

One of the little pieces of information that is causing uproar within parts of the Madden community is that there will not be a way of importing draft classes from this year’s college football game, NCAA Football 13 to Madden NFL 13.  This mean’s players like Matt Barkley, Montee Ball, and The Honeybadger will not be playable in Madden 13.  Also you will not be able to import and continue the career of your Road to Glory player in Madden 13.

You will instead be forced to play with the cpu generated random rookie draft classes.  It appears that since this is the first year of connected careers mode, there is some sort of incompatibility between the newest game mode and importing players from NCAA Football 13.  Hopefully this feature comes back for Madden 14.

What do you think?  Is this something you feel strongly about or do you not care too much?  Let us know in the comments section below or in our forum.


  • You have to be kidding me…
    I thought this was it. I thought this would be the Madden that would re-establish the beauty in a football game. Guess I was wrong… I have to stop getting my hopes up when EA makes games.
    That was the only reason I played Franchise mode. Because it brought the reality in a virtual game. It made me look foward to the offseason.
    Can’t wait to play against Jim LillyPad and Harold Strokesnuts. -.-

  • Well i Was gonna buy it but now imnot because i was looking forward to continuing my NCAA13 RTG into the pro realm

    • I know how you feel all the hours spent in you road to glory and all the great achievements you’ve made will just go to waste this is such bullshit man

    • This is bullshit! I have loved that feature for years. If I would’ve known this I would’ve never bought college13. Why would they take that away? Makes no sense.

  • For every step forward that ea’s football games to take forward they always take one or two back with dropped features ( that were previously in) like this:

    in game save feature (for long real games like the nba2k series), create play feature, there always has to be an update for field degradation, keeping the same play but doing a formation audible, easily/quickly changing individual corners/safeties shading/responsibilities etc, more time for adjustments at the line, and there are some other things.

    Thank goodness after buying madden since like ’91 for the revelation of Gamefly for me 2011 so I haven’t bought either game since 2010 yet, i have played them all. I feel that’s what the game is worth. And thanks for the recent court ruling. Let’s hope to see some new competitors like we used to have. That’s where all the best ideas and growth come from.

  • This is the stupidest thing they could have done…dis one reason everybody bought both ncaa and madden ea probably will lose out on a lot of fans/money because of this stupidity

    • yes they will. I just finished my RTG on NCAA 13 expecting to go on w/ madden 13. I just found out that I cant

      • if i had known this there is NO WAY i would have bought BOTH…. probably would not have bought EITHER… BIG…. no wait GIGANTIC TITANIC MISTAKE EA… WOW!! i was actually FINALLY EXCITED to play xbox again (after a good year or two layoff!!)

        AGAIN JUST WOW…… WOW… THAT DIFFICULT AY??!??!!!???!!!

        • i also think i may have spent my Microsoft points differently if i had known this but i was just browsing through and saw a complaint on a search preview…. sigh

          i know there are truly terrible problems in the world.. this is not one of them… but for an escape every couple days for a couple hours (for me, i know others vary) this is just ridiculous.. i usually try to be accurate with records etc the first season of the game and then continue… just sad

  • I wish I would have known this B4 I spent my HARD EARNED $60 on NCAA Football 13!!! & I’m seriously am think’n about saying f*ck Madden 13 as well. If I don’t buy Madden I won’t be buying either 1 ever again till Imported Draft Classes Return!!!

    • Me 2 as soon as I found out I sold my copy of NCAA Football 13 on ebay and I will not buy it again until they bring back imported draft classes

  • That is complete bullshit!!!!!! Fuck EA sports ill never buy another madden again. Stick to madden 12 and NCAA 12/13 i guess. What a fucking Joke

  • Well thanx for that info cuz now I wont be buying madden 13. That was really the real reason I bought both games. Now its only NCAA that ill buy. U drpped the ball EA….

  • The Imported Draft Class is the best feature of Madden which is the main reasons I played NCAA or Madden. I personally think the NCAA games are way better than Madden so I will continue to play them but I hope EA realizes they will be losing a lot of fans & money from Madden 13. Very stupid idea to get rid of Importing Draft Classes or RTG. People love to see where their draft class players pan out in the NFL. Makes franchise mode more exciting.

  • This some bogerdashhhh! Well i guess it ll be a online only year! Since they cant put individual probowl helmets on the game it just gives me another reason not to run a season. I ve never seen a game go in reverse like madden??? Wtf

  • Man, this is very disappointing, I created like 15 players, friends, family, and fictional just to see where they get drafted in Madden, makes the experience that much more enjoyable, especially since Madden’s game play blows year after year,,, bring back nfl2k ur a joke EA sports! Suck it!

  • This is something that I am EXTREMELY disappointed in. I not only create myself and my friends, but I also go on recruiting websites such as rivals and print out the current years recruits! I’ve been doing this for years. Going back to when I was in high school from 04-08. I had Barkley, AJ Green, Julio Jones, Montei Teo, tons of others on the old games before they were even out of high school, do a few years of that, then start putting in my friends from the graduating classes of 2004 thru 2009. Bam, (Yes, it does take some time but, I mean, weekends really aren’t a big deal for me.) all of a sudden, you have 8, 9, or 10 years of solid Dynasty on College, then you take them onto Madden. The only gripe I had was, I built Vanderbilt into a power, recruited my friend, he went undefeated, 4 National Titles, 3 Heisman Trophies, I put him onto Madden, hes a 7th round pick. Again, I am extremely disappointed in EA taking this feature out. I hope they can release a patch to tune it up.

  • Im 37 years old & have bought both games since they were on the Sega Genesis. I only play 2 video games NCAA & MADDEN & the #1 reason was the compatibilty of the games& draft class features. Not only will I not buy the games, I can sell my PS3 now. Pretty sure “EA” stands for Extremely Arrogant

  • This is EA needs to concede to 2K because they cant deliver anymore the only purpose for purchasing ncaa is to transfer draft classes to madden. Let 2k handle the sports gaming if ea cant handle it they out did ea in bball and i bet they would in football too

  • Wow I jus don’t understand… I’ve been a drfted class monster… Since Madden 89 I’ve been a Madden Head! I bought NCAA since they started the drafted class into Madden… I spend hrs recruiting, and creating prospects Its sucks winning a BCS or any bowl game for that matter bc the celebrations have always sucked! I feel like I play a long season I want a proper celebration… Other wise, Love both of them bc they “were” compatible… Now I I feel robbed even more bc its thee exact game as the last few yrs for NCAA!!! Except now u make it worst by takin that feature out??? The only reason why some ppl buy them both? Ur Dumb, and if u don’t put it bck I’m sure I’m not the only customer either one of them will lose

  • Come on Ea This is/was the only reasons why i play this game you canceled the best feature ..not so nice

  • I guess I am not buying Madden. One of the things I enjoyed most about Madden and NCAA was the fact you could import players and continue them on into the NFL.

  • What a joke. I too wasted money on Ncaa 13. They better come up with a patch or something otherwise I’m through with EA forever. I am not going to waste more money on madden 13.

  • Wow can’t believe they took the draft classes out so much bull****!!! I’m a huge NCAA and madden fan only because of the draft classes. I really only play franchise mode on madden because of them. I personally im extremely disappointed because I put about 85 to 90 percent of the names in for college football players in NCAA every year so it makes the experience for both NCAA and madden way better. Really debating on buying a ea sports game ever again! P.O.S.

  • Very dissapointed with madden this year. Bought the game yesterday and feel cheated today. They took out all the things that actual madden lovers look forward to! They added in things like fantasy football and took out franchise mode and uploading draft classes. This madden is a huge bust and hopefully they can fix it by 14. I dont know but how many people actually use a single player to play a season?

  • They just lost 59.99 bc i will no longer buy ncaa13 like i was planning…oh well the Execs will feel it in there bonus bc im sure theres plenty that feel the same…..they did the same thing to me in NBA live 10 and NCAA basketball 2010 spent 120.00 thinkin the games were compatible, oh yeah gamestop dont take returns, ha! assholes u r EA Sports

  • this some fucking bullshit how tha fuck u take the best thing ncaa 13 an madden had to offer dont nobody want to play this stupid shit without draft import ea you fucking up yo money an what made tha fucking bull shit worst is you mother fuckers didn’t tell us about it

  • Importing rosters was one of the best options … IF this is not brought back in 2014 …. I will not buy either game. I have been buying Madden since there was a madden and the college roster imports were an awesome addition. Bring them back or lose fans!!!!!!!

  • If its not compatible then why wasnt all of this tested before ncaa was released or if ncaa was released before this was decided. And then it was not compatible then dont put it in the game. Lack of common since shows ignorrance….

  • Whhhhaaaaatttt the f#ck ea!!! I just wasted 60 bucks on NCAA 13 and about 40 hours of my precious gaming time on this bullshit game that is exactly the same as the previous four installments thinking that Im gonna be able to import to Madden…I’ve never felt so fucking cheated by a gaming company, I think I
    Gonna have to stick with 2k from now on, well I’ll Probly still buy dead space 3 but no more sports games! Absolute shit!!!

  • Next year they will bring it back but then they will take something else away, this happens every year, it’s part of their plan to keep us coming back, that’s why their will never be a Perfect Madden game or any game of that matter. Madden 13 and NCAA 13 are still good games, you can do lots of things, if you have an Xbox Live account, it seems like every year they put all these cool little “activities” you can do ONLINE, and for someone like me that doesn’t have an account, I always get bored after about a week of playing the game, one time I would like for EA to recognize the Madden and NCAA faithful that don’t off the luxury of having Xbox live and keep U’s more entertained with some of the stuff they put on their.
    One thing I don’t get is why they make the players on the sidelines look so crapy, to me it makes the game feel so weird when they players on the field look 10x different from the players off the field, EA has A LOT of work to do.

  • I bought both games and now that NCAA is open I can’t return it I only wanted it for the draft classes the game play is not great I want my sixty dollars back that should have been more advertised its bull shit

  • What I dont understand is why they mess with the only good thing that Madden has done in the last 20 years. If it aint broke dont fix it. But there is obviously things in Madden that are broke that should be fixed. Leave the NCAA to Madden transitions alone and fix the issues that have been a big deal for the past 10 years. BRING BACK 2K SPORTS!!!!!!!!

  • EA sports are always f*cking games up… Just leave shit alone they dropped the ball big time..

  • this sucks this game is dookie now bring back created players and editing players in career mode

  • Man this is crazy!!!! Bout to go back Gamestop n trade in Madden this is suck………..all that hard work on ncaa 13

  • Why cant they at least make it an offline career option. The lack of this feature makes me consider not purchasing the game next year and trading it this year. Definitley my favorite feature in the past.

  • it is more and more disappointing every year. I considermyself a madden enthusiast by now as I have bought every one of them since they have had players on the cover…franchise mode has been my favorite feature and I love to rent ncaa and get it all set then throw them all on madden.Anyways I almost didnt bother buying it the past 2 yrs, and now im sure all of its, whatever it had, is gone. fuck you EA, you dont care about the fans just about how to market the game in order to make sure people find out they hate your shitty videogame after they already bought it. good thing I rented ncaa before I bought madden this year.

  • Wow, was thinking about buying both games today. Glad I checked reviews first. Didn’t waste my $120. Thanks EA, for losing yourself a couple sales and saving me some money due to your stupidity. I hope you lose alot of sales

  • that is something that they need to put back in the game… the games no longer connect theres no longer a reason to buy both games, they completely changed madden from what it used to be and I dont think it was a good idea at all, the only thing ppl look to change is the acces., the way the game is played, how realistic it looks compared to watching it on T.V., and being to start a career, you didnt have to change the whole damn game.

  • Horrible!!!!! Transfering players is 1 of the main reasons i play both all year! i could couldn’t care less about continuing a carrer of guys or coaches on madden i want 2 C myself from high school N2 the pros! I’ve been a loyal ncaa & madden player since mid 90s. As of now…….im done.

  • I just spent days doing dynasty mode, getting excited as my players were developing. All the created players I took the time out to make…AND THEY’RE NOT COMPATIBLE?!!!

    Definitely not buying Madden. So pissed off right now. EA give up the damn license. You guys are fucking terrible.

  • this is horrible i can’t believe they would take that out of them game i am so upset about this.

  • i am extreamly butthurt about this whole ordeal. honestly i guess i have to go back to ncaa and madden ’12. atleast u can download ur rtg player. these alligations are rediculous. BRING BACK THE DRAFT !!!!!!!!!

  • it sucks I bought both games so i could take my ncaa road to glory to the next level, but i guess my road to glory ends with ncaa, i love madden 13 but the no draft import is a real let down.

  • This is bullshit! I just bought NCAA 13 not that long ago and just beat my RTG career. I was ready to put in Madden 13 to advance my career until I saw there was no import draft class. So I hopped on the internet to make sure I was right and I was. I’m so pissed off! I hope they bring imported draft class back. Its the only reason I play this games.

  • Wtf i finished my rtg career with a heisman and national championship and now i cant continue to the NFL this us bullshit

  • Man am I glad I rented NCAA 13 before buying it or Madden 13 for that matter. I can’t believe they removed the most innovative option in sports games. The 2012 versions of both series will now be the last I purchase.

  • I want my money back I just bought these 2 ps3 games for nothing ,they to do and update or come with another game

  • wow this is a big reason why i buy both madden and ncaa this feature was the best of any game out there and they really messed that up. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for EA sports. ” it’s NOT in the game”

    • I know what you mean ruler 99if i knew that they didnt have that feature on there then i wouldnt have bought either one

    • Hell yea! I just went thru all this time for nothin! When is ea contract up with the NFL cuz im prayin NFL2k makes a comeback.

  • Yes it better be in madden 14 if not I’m going to stop buying them bc it’s retarded I was really good looking forward to going to the nfl then what do u know u can’t it is gay

  • I played 12’s road to glory religiously but didn’t have madden so couldn’t draft my player! So I pre ordered both madden and NCAA 13 did the rtg and found out i couldnt ddraft my player… havent played it since,but jve been stuck on madden latley just wish i could have that featurein the game!I love the games but 14 must have that feature in order to give the full effect of the game and make da sports alot more money!

  • Why is this. When I finished my “Road To Glory” series I was shocked to see no importing. There’s a reason I do Road To Glory to follow my dream of being a football player,but it ends here. Better get it back now or you’ll be losing ratings like that.

    • If they just dont make a game add on too madden for your road too glory guy than whats the point of even playing ncaa?Hope 2k comes back.

  • this is seriously bush…that was my favorite part about NCAA and Madden. Why would they take out such a integral feature? PLEASE fix this HUGE mistake as soon as possible EA.

  • Bs why would they even give road to glory if ya can’t go beyond. Glad i found out before i finished my junior year. Wait what the Hell are they doing. Hope these ea nerds don’t kill something great. Now i gotta wait and hope they fix something that wasn’t broke. Rtg pointless now. Next year ill wait agin till blk Friday to buy this Bs so i ain’t out to much money. Thanx S O B!!!

  • Glad I saw this I’m definitely not buying Madden now. Why would you take away one of the games BEST features? WTF EA you’re messing up big time. I’ll probably still get NCAA because I never get tired of playing that anyway but damn you really screwed up with not allowing importing on Madden.

  • sucks but the import option had too many holes that needed to be fixed..5 punters projected in the 1st RD yea it needs to be fixed

    • That is true I hope they they fix that and bring offline franchise mode back for madden 14 and madden 15 I only buy it to import my players from ncaa and I’m down to never buy it again unless they bring the features back that I like

  • Absolutely ridiculous, Only reason I bought Madden 13 was so i could play as the future players in pro systems!!!!!!! I hate EA sports for this “new feature”

  • they have to bring it back if they want people to buy both games next year…. dang EAsports let us down

  • this is one of the best features. That was one of the factors that made the game so real. EA knew that this would upset players that’s why know one knew about this untill the game was released.

  • Yeah, cuz this is definitely some’ little piece of information’… No, its not it is the only reason I now hate madden13, and if you don’t add it back in 14, well, all I can say is, good luck gettin’ yer money

  • Stop changing things,it was fine before. Stop trying to fix something that wasn’t broke to begin with. No importing road to glory is not good at all. The company will probably lose money for this move. Put it back like it was and leave it alone.

  • yeah, i felt ripped off with buying last years games and not being able to export my entire draft class like you have been able to in previous games, now i read that they completely removed the system?!? yeah pretty pissed thats $120 i wont be sending to EA games anymore untill i read somthing online along the lines of “the importing a draft class from NCAA to Madden system has been fixed to its original state.”

  • They need to bring back real songs, franchise mode, madden moments, playoff mode like in 08 or 09 ps2 version, and fantasy mode like in ps2version 08

  • Wow I’m glad I checked up on this bcuz now Ik i dont have to waste $60 even though its a rip off. Ea are lazy and ever since the game came out they still haven’t changed it. They better find someway to fix it or there game is going to be non rated.

  • The whole reason I got NCAA 13 is to do the RTG and import that player to Madden 13…Now i found out that it wont let me!…I sure hope they fix it for next year!!!!!


  • Well I’m glad I read up on Madden 13 before I purchased it and NCAA 13, because I would have been highly pissed if I had spent a $120 on those games and couldn’t import my draft class. So EA let’s get that back in for 14 and stop being lazy, matter fact who idea was that in the first place really, really, really!

  • The franchise mode for madden 13 is already terrible because you can’t do a 2 player franchise so i thought I could just get madden 13 and NCAA 13 and do a road to glory so I did and I just realized you can’t import a player from road to glory to madden. I just wasted $120 for nothing. it is a rip off. I definitely without a doubt DO NOT recommend madden 13. It is a huge waste of money. I just got the Xbox 360 and this was the first madden game I got. Now I have to use the original Xbox to play Madden 07 so I can play a half decent madden game. Who ever made madden 13 screwed up. Hopefully next year someone can grow a brain cell and create a Madden game that is actually half decent. I know no one who likes this game and I have never seen so many bad reviews for one game. DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!!!

  • I bought both games thinking that I was going to be able to move up from college to the pro like always that sucks That I can’t do it.

  • This realy bums me out considering I have got both ncaa and madden 13 for this reason. And as much as I want them to fix it. Ea wont they never listen to the ea community and we are just going to have to live with that. Hope you prove me wrong ea.

  • I’m hoping they bring it back in ncaa football 14 and to Madden 14. Because I usually buy both games for the same reason too. Import draft classes. It’s so much fun having your player in the draft and being able to draft them. It seems more real!!!

  • Complete bullshit!! Why did I buy both games! That’s like wiping my ass with 70 bucks. You guys better get that shit fixed

  • I hope they either combine 2k share with import or allow you to edit their screwed up ratings and shit

  • man dis is bullshit! I just simulated whole season year when i could of broken records and i find out that i cant go to the NFL draft…Shit nigga,,,,,,shieetttttt

  • This fricking sucks i just made a guy broke almost all records won hiesman 4 years straight and then i have nothing to do with him i truly hate the new madden connected careers mode i honestly think it is the dumbest fucking thing alive

  • If the want people to keep buying there games the need th keep the Road To Glory draft to Madden that is really the only reason a buy it

  • I have been playing these games since Madden came out for Nintendo 64, this year was a huge let down to say the least. Good job on figuring out how to get multiple players in on tackles in a somewhat fluid motion, it wasn’t worth the cost of so many features being left out. This is just one, of many, reasons why Madden 13 was the worst I’ve ever played. NCAA was good I thought.

  • I’m so pissed off I just played four seasons of road to glory, thinking I could import it into madden. Now I know I won’t be playing that anymore ????

  • THIS IS FREAKING JACKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS GETTING SO EXCITED ABOUT IMPORTING MY PLAYER TO MADDEN. ITS STUPID HOW THEY WONT LET YOU IMPORT YOUR PLAYER. WHYYYYYYYY???????? they better do better on madden 14 because what they did sucks like crap

  • i feel the same way with a few of ya’ll. i’ve been trying to do this for years with almost 5 different maddens and ncaa’s but no luck every time. like now i have ncaa football 12 along with the madden 12 and still it dont work.

  • Do you really think that Madden and NCAA are that much different in game play? NO WAY!! Without importing your draft class you don’t need both games!! Big let down!

  • This some real bullshit man. I was looking forward to se were my RTG was going to do in tha nfl just a wast of time playing RTG cause you can only play 4 years bullshit EA Tf yal was thinking

  • I thank tht was the funnest part about the game it brought excitement and it brought alot of wondering minds a
    Mad people wanna really do it for theirselves I thank it’s alot of help for the community too make kids wanna go play sports and take it to tha next level I thank it’s koo to have tht makes the games koo

  • this was b.s played ncaa 13 only to find out road to glory can not be loaded to madden 13.EA SPORTS NEED TO GET THERE HEAD OUT OF THERE ASS!.this is unacceptable and this feature should have never been taken get payed all this stupid money to make these games you should have figured this out

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