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Why You Should Use Inside Deadeye In Madden 22

Superstar abilities are a huge part of Madden 22. If you know which ones are good and how to use them properly, you will have a huge advantage against your opponents.

In our first Madden 22 Superstar Ability Deep Dive, we are taking a look at Inside Deadeye.

This ability claims to give your quarterback, “Perfect pass accuracy on throws inside the numbers” but it actually gives you perfect accuracy on pretty much any throw you make.

This is especially effective because it is a really cheap and easy ability in both MUT and franchise mode.

In MUT, you can equip it on your field general quarterback as a tier 1 ability or as a tier 2 ability on your strong arm QB. At a cost of only 500 training, it is a huge bargain.

In franchise mode, it is available at the first superstar ability spot for quarterbacks which becomes available at 60 overall.

It’s clear that EA Sports doesn’t view this ability as all that desirable but in the video below, we are going to show you otherwise.

Madden 22 Superstar Ability Deep Dive: Inside Deadeye

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2 years ago

How is nightmare mismatch this year?

Da goat
Da goat
2 years ago

Who is better matthew stafford or joe da billy bob joe burrow

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