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Why You Absolutely Need Tyreek Hill in Next Gen Madden 21

Fast players have always been very important in Madden games. For at least the last decade, the main attribute elite Madden gamers would look for was a player’s speed rating.

In Madden 21 on the PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X/S, speed is more important than ever!

Today we are going over how you can just absolutely destroy any defense in Madden 21 (next gen consoles only) simply by just putting a fast wide receiver like Tyreek Hill on a streak route.

Note: This also applies to other fast wide receivers like Henry Ruggs or Hollywood Brown.

The only other thing you will need is a quarterback with decent throw power so using a team like the Kansas City Chiefs is ideal.

Let’s dive in!

Madden 21 On Next Gen - You Need Tyreek Hill!

This isn’t formation or play specific. All you have to do is put your speedy wide receiver on a streak route and wait for him to get past the defenders in coverage.

In the video above, 99 speed Tyreek Hill consistently torched 94 speed Anthony Brown even if he was backed up and in a deep 3rd zone. He even ran past safeties in a cover 2 look.

Having this type of weapon on the field massively opens up what you can do on offense. Your opponent has to always be aware of giving up a touchdown on any play which will really open things up underneath.

This can be done in regular head to head, Madden Ultimate Team, or Franchise mode.

Take this concept into practice mode and see if you can perfect it for yourself.

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