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Which Ability Is Best For Your Face of the Franchise Quarterback

Earlier this week, EA announced their pre-order incentives for each edition of Madden 20.  One of the incentives that everyone will receive upon pre-order, is a special superstar ability for your custom Quarterback in ‘Face of the Franchise’.

Let’s take a look at the four abilities and which one is right for you.

Gift-Wrapped (Kurt Warner)

By choosing the gift wrapped superstar ability, QBs will have a better chance of completing passes to uncovered receivers. Obviously, this could come in handy on almost any given play and very few QBs were as poised and accurate with the football as Warner.

This should be the safest ability of the 4 but also something that you will usually get automatically. Most quarterbacks don’t miss wide open throws in Madden unless they are really bad.

Gunslinger (John Elway)

Gamers that choose to go with the gunslinger ability, will have faster passing animations and increased throwing velocity.  This can be incredibly useful when trying to throw the ball into pinpoint locations quickly! Elway had a quick throwing motion, and was one of the best to ever play the game.

QB Playmaker (Steve Young)

Steve Young redefined the QB position during his time. He showed off a rare combination of speed and accuracy on the run so it’s only fitting that gamers that choose this ability can ‘elicit immediate and precise reactions from any receiver on the field’.

Gutsy Scrambler (Randall Cunningham)

It is no secret that speed kills in Madden and although all of these abilities have their advantages and disadvantages, none will be more popular than the gutsy scrambler ability.

This allows QBs to accurately throw on the run despite the pressure. Furthermore, those of us that were fortunate to play the Madden 20 beta, understand how insane the pass rush can be.

Which superstar ability are you most looking forward to using in QB1: Face of the Franchise?

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4 years ago

Can you guys post the playbooks for Madden 20?

Madden School
4 years ago
Reply to  Mark

They will be available next week!

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