In Madden 22 you have 3 zones that are all a shade of light blue but they instruct your defenders to do very different things.

It is important to know the difference between these zones so you’ll have a good idea of exactly when to call them.

Hard Flats – These are used to prevent short passes like hitting a tight end in the flats or running backs on quick table routes. Use hard flats when you want to cover the flats on short yardage situations for example 3rd and 2.

Cloud Flats – These are very common in Madden. They can cover out routes, curls routes and some corner routes. This is for a medium yardage situation; your opponent will be able to throw quickly to the flats, but they will only pick up a few yards. An example of when to use this is on 1st and 10.

Soft Squats – These can be used to cover deeper corner routes. However, using these will give up pretty much anything short. It is best to use Soft Squats in long yardage situations for example 3rd and 12.

Basically hard flats are great for short yardage situations, soft squats are great for long passing downs, and cloud flats are somewhere in the middle.