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How To Shade Coverages In Madden 22

You can have your defense shade coverage over the top, underneath, outside or inside in Madden 22. This is a little more effective when using man to man defense vs. zone defense but either way may not be too effective.

You use it when you really want to protect a certain area of the field. For example if you want to protect the sidelines at the end of a half, you may want to shade outside.

Let’s walk through it step by step.

Step 1: After the offense has broken the huddle, press the Y/Triangle button to bring up your defensive adjustments

Step 2: Flick the right stick to pick which direction shading you would like to use.

  1. Flicking down shades the defense to play underneath coverage
  2. Flicking up shades the defense to play overtop coverage
  3. Flicking to the right shades the defense to guard the outside
  4. Flicking to the left shades the defense to guard the inside

If you guess wrong on which way to shade, you can often give up large gains so only use it if you are very confident you know what your opponent is doing on offense.

Note: You can only shade one way so you can’t shade over the top and to the outside. Whatever is the last way you shade before the snap is how your defenders will play.

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3 years ago

I swear, shade inside never actually works for man coverage against slants like it should