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Top 5 Outside Linebackers in Madden 16

The top 5 outside linebackers in Madden NFL 16 have been announced.  It comes as no surprise that Von Miller and Justin Houston are the highest rated outside linebackers in the game.  The full ratings as well as a few screenshots can be found below.

  1. Von Miller – 97 Overall: Miller returned to form last season with 14 sacks. He grades out as the game’s best outside linebacker with 93 BKS/99 FNM/89 PWM. He also brings 94 Tackle and 98 Pursuit.
  2. Justin Houston – 97 Overall: Houston signed the biggest contract for a linebacker in NFL history after posting 22 sacks in 2014. He earns it in Madden NFL 16 with 97 Pursuit, 92 Tackle, 88 Play Recognition, and 93 BKS/98 PWM/89 FNM.
  3. Terrell Suggs – 93 Overall: Suggs is heavy for a linebacker, and his 91 Strength is tops for OLBs. He brings a 97 Power Move (one of the best), 92 Tackle, and 95 Pursuit to get into the backfield.
  4. Dont’a Hightower – 93 Overall: Hightower is an every-down linebacker, and he’s one of the best with 86 Zone Coverage. Add 95 Tackle, 90 Hit Power, and 92 Pursuit, and he’s ready for anything.
  5. DeAndre Levy – 93 Overall: Levy’s still waiting for his first Pro Bowl appearance, but he’s already turned plenty of heads around the league. He starts with 95 Play Recognition, and adds 96 Tackle and 96 Pursuit.

Here are screenshots of the top 5 outside linebackers in Madden 16.

Who do you think should be the best outside linebacker in Madden 16?  Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Robert Mathis should be no lower than a 91

  2. BULL SHIT these are DE playing LB Another Disrespect for Thomas Davis

    1. The Panthers linebackers are going to be scary this year regardless.

  3. I think it these guys just stand out more and you see it on the field

  4. Im gon just be honest here, Clay matthews should be at least the 3rd highest rated olb in madden. He is the only linebacker that has a huge impact from 2 different positions MLB/OLB. Check his numbers. Hes probably the best overall linebacker in the NFL

  5. No Miller is much more then a DE. Definiatly more then just a passrusher. Great against the run, and really good in coverage when needed as well.

    Although be really interesting to see how Wade Phillips uses him this year. Phillips isnt much of a HC but he is an extremely good DC.

  6. However I would agree with you that Davis is better then the bottom 3 on this list. I’m guessing that Suggs in particular will have a large drop off in productivity due to age this year. Actually both guys from the Panthers probably are. Miller is without doubt the cream of them all now that he is healthy again.

  7. Why no edit button? My prior post forgot to take into account that we are taking about OUTside LB’s. So mentioning Kuechly was mistake.

  8. Davis isn’t up here because he’s only had one good year suggs is s leader Superbowl champion and let’s not forget one defensive player of the year he does all three coverage pass rush and run stop not just just make tackles all the way down field like Davis ?thank you