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Top 5 Highest Rated Fullbacks in Madden 15

Fullbacks are an often overlooked part of Madden games but having a good one can make a huge difference.  Today EA Sports announced the 5 highest rated fullback heading into Madden NFL 15.

Packers fan favorite John Kuhn is the highest rated fullback in Madden 15 with a 93 overall rating.  He is ranked 1st in pass blocking and 3rd in awareness for fullbacks.

The Panthers’ Mike Tolbert comes in 2nd with a 92 overall rating.  He has 90 trucking and 88 carrying which makes him a very effective goalline running back.

Marcel Reece also has a 92 overall rating in Madden 15.  He has the highest speed rating of all fullbacks at 90 as well as the highest agility and acceleration of all fullbacks in the game.

Anthony Sherman of the Chiefs comes in 4th with an overall rating of 90.  He has the highest impact block (95) and run block (88) of all the fullbacks in the game.

The Minnesota Vikings’ Jerome Felton is the 5th highest rated fullback at 88 overall.  He is tied with Anthony Sherman for highest run block of all fullbacks with a rating of 88.

Below are the screenshots of these fullbacks in Madden 15.

You can check out the top 5 running backs in Madden 15 here.

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