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Top 5 Defensive Ends in Madden 16

The top 5 defensive ends in Madden 16 have been revealed.  It comes as no surprise that Texans defensive end J.J. Watt comes in at #1 with a 99 overall rating.  We have the full list below.

  1. J.J. Watt – 99 Overall: The two-time Defensive Player of the Year boasts a game-best 99 Power Move rating, as well as 98 Pursuit, 97 Strength, 97 Tackle and 97 Block Shedding. As if that wasn’t enough, his three touchdown receptions in 2014 earned him a 78 Catch rating as well.
  2. Muhammad Wilkerson – 96 Overall: Wilkerson is looking for a new contract with talented rookie Leonard Williams now on the scene. The three-time All-Pro brings 94 Strength, 97 Block Shedding, and 93 PWM/96 TAK/96 PUR.
  3. Michael Bennett – 95 Overall: Bennett is one of the keys to the Seahawks’ dominant defense. He’s strong across the board and features 91 STR/91 TAK/94 PWM.
  4. Calais Campbell – 95 Overall: With Darnell Dockett moving to San Francisco, Campbell takes center stage on the tough Cardinals defense. He’s a huge man with amazing speed, shown by his 87 Strength, 85 Block Shedding, 92 Tackle, and 94 Pursuit.
  5. Cameron Wake – 94 Overall: Wake should be even more productive with the addition of dominant defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Wake starts Madden NFL 16 with an outstanding 96 Power Move and 76 STR/79 TAK/93 PUR.

Here are some screenshots of the best defensive ends in Madden 16.

Who is overrated? Underrated? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Michael Bennett a 95???? Is EA serious? How on earth is he higher than Cameron wake and its absolutely ridiculous that hes on this list and not Mario Williams(buf 14.5 sacks). This is just proof that EA ranks a lot of players off of popularity over productivity smh. I guess lots of madden players will run to Seattle because they know they get a lot of A.I help thanks to EA sports lol. #Game on Madden 16

  2. Ea is very accurate with this list guys who change the outcome of the game and make their team better plus they have the stats good work ea

  3. No way that Bennett is the third best defensive end in the game. Mario Williams isn’t here, nor is Jerry Hughes, or Sheldon Richardson, not to mention Greg Hardy, Robert Quinn, Fletcher Cox, or Jurrell Casey