The 5 highest rated cornerbacks in Madden NFL 16 have been announced.  Richard Sherman and Darelle Revis are at the top of the list with overall ratings of 97.  You can see the full list below.

  1. Richard Sherman – 97 Overall: Sherman is the best corner in the game, and his Madden NFL 16 stats back that up. He brings 92 Man Coverage, 99 Zone Coverage, 87 SPD/99 PREC/99 PRS, and best among CBs 85 CTH/98 JMP.
  2. Darelle Revis – 97 Overall: Revis returns to the Jets after winning a Super Bowl title with their most-hated rivals. His coverage skills are 99 MCV/94 ZCV, and he adds 88 SPD/95 PRC/87 PRS. Beware of Revis Island.
  3. Vontae Davis – 95 Overall: Davis is a shutdown corner with 97 Man Coverage, 94 Zone Coverage, and 98 Press. He also shines in run support, with 88 Speed and 88 Play Recognition.
  4. Chris Harris Jr. – 94 Overall: Harris Jr. made his first Pro Bowl last year after coming off an ACL injury. He starts Madden NFL 16 with 89 Speed, 95 Play Recognition, 98 Man Coverage, 97 Zone Coverage, and 78 Press.
  5. Sean Smith – 91 Overall: Smith was instrumental in improving the Chiefs’ passing defense from 25th to 2nd last season. He has 86 Speed, 94 Play Recognition, and 93 MCV/95 ZCV/97 PRS.

Here are a few screenshots of the best cornerbacks in Madden 16.


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