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Tips To Stop Curls and Screen Passes in Madden NFL

Regardless of whether you are playing Madden 06, Madden 25, or Madden 15 screens and curls have traditionally been 2 of the hardest routes to stop.  Both screens and curls worked against 90% of coverages you’d encounter in Madden NFL 25.  We went over a few tips that would allow you to stop these plays when they are abused earlier in the year, but now is a good time to revisit them as we look forward to Madden 15.

Stopping Curl Routes

Your best bet to stop curl routes when you aren’t 100% sure that your opponent is running curls is to simply use 2 man under press coverage.  Most of the time this will allow you to break up the pass.

If you want to be a little riskier, you can go with putting your outside cornerbacks in a yellow hook zone which will result in an interception if your opponent decides to still throw the curl.  The walkthrough below goes through all of the details.

Stopping Curl Routes In Madden 25

Containing Screen Passes

Traditionally man to man coverage limits the effectiveness of screens, but the halfback slip screen in Madden 25 still destroys it unless you are very good with user skill.  The best way to absolutely shut down the screen is by using defensive end contains.

The video below goes over a few good ways of slowing down the screen.

Madden Tips: Stopping The HB Slip Screen In Madden 25

Hopefully these tips help you if you are still playing Madden 25 but the other goal of this post is to help you once you start to get prepared for the next Madden NFL game.

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