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The Super Bowl Champion Chiefs Are Only The 11th Highest Rated Team In Madden 20

The Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, are only the 11th highest rated team in Madden 20 after the final post Super Bowl roster update.

While that may sound like an incredible fact, what is even more unbelievable is that EA Sports saw it fit to lower the Chiefs’ overall rating over the course of this season.

In the intial Madden 20 team ratings before the season started, the Chiefs started out at 84 overall. After they won the Super Bowl, that rating fell to an 83 overall.

So while they had an incredible season and made a dominant run through the playoffs culiminating in a Super Bowl, EA Sports decided to reward them with a -1 overall team rating. How that makes any sense is a question beyond our expertise.

10 teams including one that didn’t even make the playoffs, are rated higher than the Chiefs in Madden 20. It comes as no surprise to those that follow Madden ratings closely that the Dallas Cowboys are rated 2 points higher than the Chiefs at 85 overall.

An 8-8 record and missing the playoffs apparently warrants a higher rating than a 12-4 record in the regular season, a first round playoff bye, and a Super Bowl victory.

Some of the other teams rated the same or higher than the Chiefs are:

  • New Orleans Saints – 90 Overall
  • San Francisco 49ers – 88 Overall
  • Green Bay Packers – 87 Overall
  • Baltimore Ravens – 87 Overall
  • New England Patriots – 86 Overall
  • Dallas Cowboys – 85 Overall
  • Tennessee Titans – 85 Overall
  • Houston Texans – 84 Overall
  • Minnesota Vikings – 84 Overall
  • Seattle Seahawks – 84 Overall
  • Philadelpha Eagles – 83 Overall
  • Los Angeles Rams – 83 Overall
  • Kansas City Chiefs – 83 Overall

That’s a lot of teams rated higher than a Super Bowl winning team that is loaded with talent all over the field.

Here is a video quickly scrolling through the team’s in their overall ratings in Madden 20 so you can see for yourself.

EA Sports has the Chiefs firmly rated in the mid tier of teams even after the post Super Bowl roster update which has always been the last of the season before the next Madden game comes out.

For those of you interested, here is a link to the EA Sports blog showing the Chiefs’ original rating coming into Madden 20. The screenshot below was taken from the article.

It shows pretty clearly that the Chiefs started out at an 84 overall. Now after a Super Bowl victory, they are at 83 overall.

It is true that there is a difference between talent on a team and results in a season. However, anyone who watches the NFL knows that the Kansas City Chiefs are loaded with talent.

It can be argued whether or not the Chiefs should have the highest rating in Madden 20, but it is irrefutable that they deserve to at least be in the top 10. They certainly didn’t deserve to have their overall team rating lowered after that season.

Hopefully oversights like this one are fixed as we head into Madden 21. For more Madden 20 content, visit our news center.

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4 years ago

They also trailed in every game they played in the post season and had to mount late comebacks.

4 years ago

Yeah and they came back 24 points too. If that doesn’t show talent I don’t know what does.

+ +