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The Most Effective QB Run Play In Madden 21 (And It’s Not QB Draw)

In this member’s only Film Room tip, we are going over a play that is just about unstoppable if you have a fast QB and will really confuse your opponent.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Playbook: Spread

Formation: Gun Flex Y Off

Play: Mtn Counter (Flipped)


  1. Come out in the play flipped


  1. If the defense is pinched run to the outside, if the defense is more spread you can run straight up the middle 

Overview: In this tip, we are breaking down what seems to be a bug in the game. This play is designed as a counter to the running back however the QB gets control immediately and can get a speed boost in whichever direction you hold the left stick. Most of the time you will want to dart to the outside before your opponent can figure out what hit him.

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3 years ago

I cannot find This formation to put into my custom playbook smh

3 years ago

Two questions was this adrsssed with the latest patch and can I just customize the spread playbook so I can have it in my customs ?

Dj Dyce Won
Dj Dyce Won
3 years ago

This got nerfed w/the last update

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