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No Significant Madden 15 News Yet – Game Only 4 Months Away

The end of April is rapidly approaching and EA Sports still hasn’t announced any sort of Madden NFL 15 news outside or a very small contest where artists could design their own expansion team uniforms for a chance to have them featured in the game.

In previous years the cover vote starts in mid to late March and gameplay news starts trickling out in April.  Technically EA Sports hasn’t even confirmed that their will be a Madden 15 game, although the terms of their exclusive license with the NFL dictates that a new game has to come out once a year.  So it is a more than safe bet to assume it will come out but the tried and true timeline that the marketing guys at EA Sports have been using ever since Madden-School opened 8 Madden games ago has been thrown off.

It is probably still a safe bet to assume Madden NFL 15 will come out in late August.  Pushing it any later doesn’t make much sense from a business standpoint.  It could be with 2 non-yearly sports games coming out in the spring (EA Sports UFC and 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil) the team has their hands full but then again there will be no NCAA Football 15 game this year which should somewhat compensate for that.

It could very well be that EA Sports is trying something new this year and instead of their usual strategy of releasing one little piece of information every 2 weeks for 6 months, they are instead going for a flurry of information in a shorter window.  Even if they attempt to execute that strategy,  I’d expect the first Madden 15 news to come in mid-May at the absolute latest.

When the first Madden 15 news or information becomes available, we will pass it along to you immediately.

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