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Why You Shouldn’t Run Up The Score in Madden 17

Everyone has played that guy who runs up the score for no reason.  Madden 17 changes that by giving you the ability to block field goals.

This guy was already up 4 points when he decided to call timeout to kick a field goal with 1 second left.

Check out the video to see what happens next.

Madden 17 Online Game Winning Blocked FG

The moral of the story is to take a knee if you are winning at the end of the game.  You never know what is going to happen.

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7 years ago

Since this game came out by my count I’ve won 3 games that would have been over if my opponent had simply kneeled out the clock. None of these games were won by forcing a fumble on the running back, each one was either because he passed and allowed the clock to stop or ran a screen pass (which had been lighting me up all game by being well timed) that was not so well timed… I picked it and returned it for six like in the video, with no time left.

7 years ago

The crosssing routes need something done . Like raising the defensive awareness when its done every other play !!