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How To Read Defenses In Madden 17 Mini eBook

Our latest mini ebook covers how to read different defenses and coverages in Madden 17.  Inside the ebook, we go over how to tell if your opponent is in a cover 3 defense, a cover 2 defense, a cover 2 man defense, a cover 4 defense, or a man to man blitz.

There are subtle giveaway for each defense that if you are looking for, you can take advantage of.  We’ve got plenty of different plays in our Madden 17 ebooks to beat all of the different coverages in the game.  Now you will also have a good idea of what coverage the defense is in before you even snap the ball.

This mini ebook is available for only $9.99! Instant Access!

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Did you know you can get this ebook as well as every other Madden 17 we have release by becoming a Madden School Unlimited member?  Learn more about Madden School Unlimited here.

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  1. Idk why but i purchased unlimited and im not getting anything

  2. I’m on the fence about going unlimited, my team is the Chargers but I never see any breakdowns on how to use them anywhere.

    1. All of our ebooks will work well with the Chargers. We make our ebooks to work with any team in the game.

  3. I’m considering signing up because I just joined an online franchise league and I’m pretty noobish. I chose Ravens with Chiefs off. playbook & NE def. playbook

    1. Great, let us know if you have any questions!

      1. How do you stop people who also use your services?

        1. At that point it just comes down to gameplanning, making the right reads, and user skill.

  4. I need some ebook for new england can yall help and raiders defense

  5. While this is the type of guide I’ve been looking for quite some time, this reading defenses guide seems like it’s all diagrams and no video – I need something that I can practice with. The thing that annoys me about most filmroom and guides etc. is that all they do is give you 10-15 plays, tell you exactly what buttons to press and exactly what motions without explaining why. WHY do I need to motion this receiver? How do I know what coverage they’re in? Why will route A work better than route B? So if you have different personnel, a different package, using a different playbook, have the defense play cover 3 instead of cover 2 (and how would I even know in advance what they’re going to call), any change just blows it all up. I’m not interested in cookbook “run this play the way I tell you to”, I want to learn the overall strategies so I can pick my OWN plays and my OWN adjustments, and then extrapolate the skillset to my own playbook, not just a video telling me what to do. Do you have anything like that?

    1. This ebook actually includes a bunch of videos going over how you call tell what coverages your opponent is in most of the time. We don’t go any further than that with this particular ebook. Our other ebooks go over the plays to call against those defenses once you recognize them pre-snap.

  6. Do you get access to all Schemes and EBooks with unlimited?

      1. Which eBook do you recommend? Or do you recommend ultimate for 45$ for all 11 eBooks.

        1. Madden School Unlimited is definitely our best value. I’d recommend going with that. Especially because it will get you access to our Madden 18 ebooks as well.

  7. I bought the unlimited edition but how do I access the ebooks

  8. How do I become an unlimited member.