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Previewing Madden 18’s New Longshot Game Mode

EA Play gave Madden fans an in depth look at Madden 18’s new Longshot game mode. Longshot puts you in the shoes of Devin Wade, a former 5-star recruit, as he returns to the football field in hopes of getting drafted.

Madden 18 - Longshot - Official Reveal Trailer

Longshot is the Madden franchise’s first ever cinematic story mode. Instead of creating a player in your image, Longshot gives you a pre-determined player in Devin Wade. Wade comes from Mathis, TX where he was a highly sought after college recruit, at what looks to be the quarterback position. That’s what Wade’s determined position appears to be in the trailer, anyway.

The new story mode gives you the power to make decisions along the way that will affect the outcome of Wade’s attempted comeback. However, the trailer seems to show a story mode that will provide users with “pre-determined” outcomes. Regardless of the choices you might make along the way, the story likely ends in one of only a few ways.

In terms of Wade’s history/background, the story is pretty much set in stone. It doesn’t look like users will have much creative control over the “journey.” Users will make decisions both on and off the field, but we don’t know the extent of those decisions just yet.

The Longshot game mode will definitely appeal to Madden players looking for an entertaining story mode filled with bits of drama and real life. If you wanted an experience beyond just playing football and x’s and o’s strategy, then Longshot is going to be your game mode.   

For years, Madden enthusiasts were craving an in depth story mode similar to the one in NBA 2K’s franchise. Most Madden players were hoping for a game mode that allowed us the freedom to take our player from college to the pros. Areas of the NFL experience such as preparing for the draft, participating in the combine, and negotiating a professional contract don’t look to be included in the Longshot game mode. 

Instead, Longshot looks like it might play similar to a “campaign” game mode from a 1st Person Shooter. The mode might be a little too cinematic for the serious Madden player. Longshot looks like it might be better suited to the casual Madden or NFL football fan as opposed to the serious Madden gamer.

What are your thoughts on the new Longshot game mode? Are you interested in playing Longshot in Madden 18? Are you disappointed with the features outlined in the trailer? Feel free to comment below.

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