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Madden 18 Franchise Changes So Far

EA sports just recently held their “EA Play” event where they are starting to reveal some new features in the upcoming Madden 18. The biggest point of focus thus far has been the new “Longshot” mode which is Madden’s very first story mode. That is exciting and all but what about Madden Franchise?

We have not heard much about the franchise feature this far and that is starting to put some worry into fans. While we haven’t heard much, EA Sports creative director recently posted this to his twitter account:

This is a very cool feature that will change your defensive plays. A lot of the time, Madden users can switch up how their wide receivers are aligned so that they can create mismatches against opponents. For example, If I were using the Raiders and playing against the Chiefs, Amari Cooper usually lines up against Marcus Peters. It’s a great matchup between the young talents but if I were to switch Cooper to my second receiver on the depth chart, Cooper would face up against Phillip Gaines. Cooper now has a very big advantage.

Now with this new feature, it looks like you will be able to line up your best CB vs the other teams best WR. This calls for more competition and will force users to be more creative in their play calling rather than just attacking a weakness.

The biggest thing that I have taken away from this tweet is “Part 1.” It is encouraging because it sounds like the best is yet to come. Something I would love to see in the new Madden franchise is introducing coordinators again. In Madden 17, the staff only consisted of a head coach, trainers and scouts. I would love to have coordinators because it will obviously become more realistic.

Another thing that I would love to see is a more in-depth scouting department. I would enjoy taking more time and learning more about the rookies coming in, to help make better decisions as a GM. The draft is very important in real life for teams to rebuild their rosters and get to contention, it should be in Madden too.

Although we don’t know much yet, there is reason to be optimistic that they made more changes to Madden 18 Franchise mode. It looks like they spent a lot of time working on the story mode though, which is great.

I wanted to share another tweet that EA Sports put out. It has to do with Madden incorporating “Frostbite.” The graphics look phenomenal and they mention that this will be the best they’ve ever had.

With a little over two months away from Madden 18, stay on the look out for additions to the franchise mode. I just wanted to share some thoughts on what I would like to see and what they have announced.

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6 years ago

I think ea should bring back the lobby chat room it helps users find other users thats looking forward to join online franchise mode or even beyond that a one on one rank match. I believe that was one of the best feautures on madden it should deffintley be put back on M18. Also one more insight i beleive more time can be spent on the fans at the stadium make it more realistic like for example in if i played with the panthers at home i would hear keep pounding from the fans in a chant or even when someone get hurt the fans get really quiet while the medical staff tend to the player.

6 years ago

I hope they changed franchise mode to where you can control all 32 teams using just one controller . And during a season the controller is unlocked .

6 years ago
Reply to  Dominic

Is this an option this year? Haven’t tested the waters yet on it.